How to calculate the employees’ payroll in China

If the enterprise wants to hire Chinese employees, according to Chinese Labour laws and Labour Contract Law , it needs to pay Social Insurance and Housing Fund which is called "Five Insurances and One Fund", including Pension (Endowment Insurance), Medical Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Maternity Insurance, Work Injury Insurance and Housing Provident Fund. This article introduces how to calculate the employees’ salary in China。


List of Shanghai National Development Zones

In 2018, the government has published the 《China Development Zone Announcement List 2018》. According to the List, there are 2543 Development Zones in China, including 552 National Development Zones and 1991 Provincial Development Zones. A total of 20 National Development Zones in Shanghai are also included in the list, among which 6 are National Economical and Technological Zones, 2 are National High-Tech Development Zones, 10 are National Customs supervision Zones and also 2 other Zones


Apply the Residence Registration online in Shanghai – during Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

With a large number of workers coming back, businesses will resume operation one after another. Shanghai's EEAB (Exit-Entry Administration Bureau) is providing fast-track services for foreigners on February 18, 2020, the meeting issued 6 measures on the management of exit-entry services for foreigners in Shanghai during the Novel Coronavirus epidemic.


Guidelines for return to work and wage payment After Novel Coronavirus

During the outbreak of the "Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia", the State Council and other localities successively issued regulations on enterprises' "delayed resumption of work". According to the author's rough statistics, "delayed resumption of work" basically ended at 24:00 on February 9, 2020. However, from the current actual situation, after February 10, 2020, many enterprises still cannot start work normally, and many employees have not been fully in place. Then during the epidemic of "NCP", how to treat and deal with employees who have not resumed work after February 10, 2020, and how to make reasonable and legal choices is not only in the company's own interests, but also beneficial to employees and What is the current situation in the fight against "NCP"?


How to choose a serviced office in Shanghai

More and more world top 500 well-known foreign enterprises set up the headquarters or branch in China, at the same time, many SME entrepreneurs will invest in Shanghai because of policy support towards foreign-invested enterprises by Shanghai Government. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know how to choose the serviced offices in Shanghai and the advantage of the serviced office for the foreign Entrepreneurs.


How to set up a Pop-up Store in China

Shanghai, as one of the most vibrant business cities in the world, pop-up retail format has dominated almost all its grand shopping malls of the for a decade. This article will give you everything you want to know about this new format of retail, as well as a useful guide to set up your own pop-up store, especially in the field of food retailing.

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The Top 8 Pop-up Stores in Shanghai

Pop-up store is a new format retail, features its eye-catching decorations and innovative promotional activities. This edgy type of flash retailing now is adopted by numerous brands to expose their products or services to customers and build an effective interaction between them by well-designed public events.   For foreign company who currently don’t have a physical presence in China’s market, but hold the intention to gain popularity and familiarize Chinese customers with its products and brand image. Pop-up store will definitely be among the best options. The choice of venues is undoubtedly the most crucial step in the set-up of a pop-up store. In this article, we pick up 8 hottest spots for your pop-up store retail in Shanghai:

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