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China VISA & Work Permit Service – Base in Shanghai

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know on how to apply and to renew China VISA, such as Z VISA, M VISA, X VISA, R VISA, work permit. We will tell you all the documentation you need to prepare for the VISA & WORK PERMIT application and the process of how to get or to renew a VISA & WORK PERMIT so that you will have a better understanding of what to do when you need to renew your VISA & WORK PERMIT in Shanghai.

Following are the comprehensive details of the Visa & Work permit services offered by the GWBMA;

  • Z Visa — Especially for Foreigner’s Work Permit (FWP) and Resident Permit Visa
  • R Visa — Foreign high-end and much-needed talent
  • Business Visa (China M Visa) Extension Services
  • Work Permit & Residence Permit

Apart from the Visa services mentioned above, our professional team can help you with any type of queries and questions regarding general Visa and Immigration information for China. GWBMA is headquartered in Shanghai. It provides the millions of people willing to come to China for their own various purposes an extensive and professional reach.

Here is what a work permit looks like:

China Work Permit 1China Work Permit 2

When trying to deliver our services to our clients, we tend to focus on;

  • Perceived Quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • Hassle-free Visa processing
  • Timely delivery of Visa for renewal or extension cases

In order to accelerate the building of Shanghai into a technological innovation center with global influence, Shanghai is pioneering more open and more convenient policies for introducing foreign experts and creating a world-class business environment. On March 1, 2021, the New Online Foreigner’s Work Permit Policy (Version 4.0) was announced by the Shanghai Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

It means that the Shanghai Government further relax the limits in terms of age, academic degree, or work experience for the Foreigner Talents.

The procedure of China VISA service

We have a simple and yet the most sophisticated procedure for putting an application for your concerned Visa type all the way through. The execution of every task is maintained and monitored by professional analysts and Visa experts with 10+ years of experience in their fields. Here are the steps we use to deliver you the best Quality processing for your Visa;

Step 1: Analyze the China Visa information

At first, the client has to reach out to us on our website, email address, or phone. So, we can have the current status of his/her Visa situation. Once we have that information, we will analyze it thoroughly and then will give them a verdict about how we can be of service.

Step 2: Analyze the situation for China Visa

The next step concurs us to analyze the problem and possible reasons for the Visa rejection and make a solid plan or scheme for resubmission. We only take the case if there is some chance of the candidates’ Visa application getting approved, we never tend to waste our client’s precious time under any circumstances.

Step 3: Sign the Contract

After we have analyzed the situation and client agreed on our terms of service, we then tend to sign a contract with our client. The agreement mainly includes;

  • Services we are providing
  • Payment agreed upon
  • Our terms of service

Step 4: Submit the Documents of China Visa

The client then submits his/her related documents for the concerned Visa through the GWBMA (Base in Shanghai) checklist. Just to make sure that we get everything we need to process the Visa request.

Step 5: China Visa application 

Taken into account all the information provided by the client and the previous reasons for rejection (If any) GWBMA tend to devise the most sophisticated and professional Visa application for further processing by the embassy.

Step 6: Send a copy of the China Visa application

After we have put up with the Visa application, we send a copy of the application to the client via email. So that our client could identify the mistakes (If any) and we can rectify them in time.

Step 7: Rectification of the mistakes

After every authentication and possible rectification of the mistakes, we hand over the application to the Chinese embassy for review. The plus point here is that you won’t have to wait in long queues because we take care of everything.

Step 8: Obtaining the passport

Then, Chinese embassy hands over the passport to GWBMA. After obtaining the passport our client is informed about the present status. If by some chance the application does not get accepted, we revive the whole thing and resubmit the application. But this is highly unlikely because we have an acceptation rate of 99.1%.

Step 9: Service payment

GWBMA then charges the client with payment for its services, for your ease we can take our service fee in various possible methods. Whichever you see fit.

Step 10: Delivers the passport with verified  China Visa

After the payment has been verified, GWBMA delivers the passport with verified Visa from the Chinese consulate back to the client. Easy and simple!

China Common Visa Types

There are three basic types of the Visa covered by the GWBMA in general, these include;

  • Z Visa
  • M Visa
  • X Visa

China Z Visa — Visa for Work

Residence permit for Foreinger

Z Visa or also known as the China work Visa or resident permit is the type of Visa made accessible to the people who come to China for one of these reasons;

  • For employment or for some official Post
  • For commercial performance/Other financial projects
  • Students or people for Academic exchanges

Continuing from the 1st April 2017, the Chinese consulate has broken down the Z Visa into them, and they are now officially stated as;

  • Class A (Talent/encourage)
  • Class B (Specialty/Control)
  • Class C (Normal/Restrict)

For procurement of the Z Visa, you’ll have to at least clarify for the Class C then you can continue perusing the processing of your Visa application.

Once you have become eligible for the FWP or (Foreigner’s work permit), you can also apply for the Z Visa. 

FWP is actually a deed of agreement between you and the Chinese consulate that you wish to take employment there in China and will stay under the obligation of the law under all circumstances.

If you successfully get yourself eligible for the FWP and after a few years of the experience, you can finally apply for the full residential Visa for China, and there are good chances that you will be accommodated.

Documentation for Z VISA

The documents which you would have to provide for FWP or residential Z Visa for China with your employer include;

Documentation of  Z VISA For Employee

  1. Original passport and considerable 30-day Valid Visa on it
  2. Resume (In English or Chinese)
  3. Original academic transcripts, these may consist of your Bachelors or higher diploma
  4. If you didn’t complete your bachelor’s in China, then an extra authenticated copy from the concerned country shall be attached.
  5. A reference letter is depicting that you have at least two years of experience in your current field or post you have been hired for.
  6. In addition to all this, an original PPC (Police Clearance Certificate) would have to be attached
  7. Original medical checkup transcripts
  8. One digital photo with white background
  9. The registration form for your temporary place of stay in China

Documentation of Z VISA For Hiring Company

  1. An updated copy of the current company’s license in compliance with all the legal obligations
  2. Approval of the company Certificate for the individual or Record Certification copy
  3. 1 request form duly filled by the hired individual and attested by the hiring company

China M Visa—Visa for Business executives

China M VISA

This exclusive Visa type is meticulously divided into two distinctive categories.

Overall the M Visa or Business Visa is offered to the foreigners who intend to arrive in China for trading and other business-related activities. The overall time schedule assigned for the M Visa is less or above 90 days.

However, the two distinct categories help the Chinese consulate to develop a sound Visa processing depending upon the situation for the Visa request.

2 categories for the Visa request

Short-Term Working or Z Visa

  • Foreigners who are referred by an authentic organization to arrive in China and complete scientific research, some technical job or another type of job
  • Foreigners are arriving in china for film shooting/fashion designing or other related activities
  • Those who intend to work in Chinese Firms and organizations

Business Visa as M Visa

  • Mechanical personnel arriving China for repair, install or other maintenance which require more than 90 days
  • Foreigners are assigned some short-term work (Above 90 days) after the arrival of China and apply for M Visa
  • Foreigners are arriving in China for sports events, as an athlete, team doctor or simply an assistant

Documentation for M VISA

  • Passport with valid M Visa, issued from outside China
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Local Shanghai temporary residence form
  • Copy of the business firm hiring you in Shanghai
  • Joining letter having an original stamp to state that you are their employee
  • An assignment letter duly issued by the hiring organization to address GWBMA to process the M Visa for you with an active agent
  • Call letter from the official Shanghai company hiring you for further processing of the M Visa in the Chinese Consulate

A Brief Understanding of the M Visa

For your M Visa to work and help you enjoy multiple entries and exits from China during the 90 days period, you must have entered China before 3rd September 2014. After you have successfully made your entry inside you can stay inside for almost 30 days’ time period.

The FAQ for M VISA

Q: If I enter before the asked date and want to make multiple exits can I do that with this particular Visa?

A: Yes, you can have multiple entries and reentries sanctioned by the Chinese consulate on the Visa you are carrying. But only if you didn’t complete the 30-day period and left early. If you left after 30 days and want a reentry, you’ll have to renew your Visa.

Q: How Long can I stay?

A: You can enjoy a consecutive stay of 30 days, and after that, you will have to renew your Visa.

X Visa or Student Visa

Student Visa or X Visa is simply divided into two categories:

  1. If you need to stay in China for academic or higher education purpose for more than 6 months, then you will be given an X1 Visa
  2. If you already were enrolled in some academy in China and then moved out, or simply your course needs to be completed before 6 months, then you’ll have to request for an X2 Visa.

This student Visa is also efficient for the people who don’t have any sponsor for the Z or M Visa, then they can simply have themselves enrolled in 6 months Chinese language or any other course. Then, they can efficiently get the student Visa X2.

But if you are persistent on needing longer periods to stay then you’ll have to be registered with some Chinese Institution.

Documentation For X1 or long-term study Visa

  • Passport with valid X1 Visa, usually offered by your home country to study in China
  • Your temporary residence form in Shanghai
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Health Certificate
  • Application letter by the University
  • Original notification issued by the concerned university

Documentation For X2 or Short-Term Study Visa

  • Passport with a Valid X2 Visa issued by your home country
  • Local Shanghai residence form duly attested and filled
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Application letter from the school of study
  • Letter of admission or confirmation from the university

We are diligently working round the clock to provide interested individuals traveling to China with the most exquisite Visa services. Mostly New Visa processing and related services are our main course of the platter, but we also deal in Visa renewal and Visa Extension Services.


Hi, I’m Fiona Hua, CIO certificate,  Expert in Management and Human Resources. About ten years of work experience in Shanghai. Familiar with business management, HR outsourcing, and tax planning.

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