How to work in China

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Start from Jan 2015, China released a new rule (no.78 Rule), especially for the foreigner who comes into China to finish a short term work (less than 90 days). In that rule, it determines which kind of situation count as a short-term working (Z) and what situation counts as a short-term Commerce & Trade (M). Details below, please check carefully, when you have an interview in the Chinese Embassy or China visa center, you have to give the proper answer relate to the visa type which you want to apply. The wrong answer will cause your case to reject or delay.

Which situation count as a short-term working (Z) Visa?

  • Foreigners come to China for employment or for some official Post
  • Foreigner (Employed and assigned by a foreign enterprise) comes to Chinese Co-operation Company to finish some technical, scientific research, the management or guidance job
  • Foreigners come to Chinese sports club/organization to have a trial (including coach and athlete)
  • Foreigners come to China for a film shooting (including advertisement film and documentary film)
  • Foreigners come to China for a fashion show (including model)
  • Foreign performance (for commercial performance)

Residence permit | Work Permit

  • According to the local shanghai immigration policy, For the first time when you apply for the Work permit and Residence permit, you have to show up (the second time no need to show up) in the government to take a digital picture, they need to confirm you are the same person of the passport holder then the officer will accept your visa application.
  • Since the new rules just come out from 1st July 2015, during the procedure, the government officials might ask for extra documents or slightly change the time frame. Please understand, we will try our best to get all the details information in advance to avoid that.
  • Start from March 1st, 2020, in order to attract foreign talents, the Shanghai Government released New police ( Online Version 4.0) for the Foreigner’s Work Permit and Residence.

In conclusion, GWBMA will help you to handle all the jobs related to China VISA & Work permit.


Visa & work and Residence Permit in Shanghai

Visa Z

A work visa is required for entrepreneurs who have registered a company in China, as well as for the official stay in the country of foreign employees working in this company.

work permit

After applying for a work visa, you must obtain the Work Permit and Residence Permit.

Residence permit

Our experts will help you with paperwork at all stages. We will render you all kinds of assistance in the preparation of documents, legalization, and escort in necessary instances.

Documents required

Passport or ID

2 photos (3.3 x 4.8 cm on a white background)​

Medical examination (Appointment and go to the Clinic)

Medical examination result (4 days after the Examination)

Processing of visa & work permit application

Foreigners are not in China

Preparation of documents (5 Working Days)
Notification letter of Foreigner' work permit

Apply for Notification letter of Foreigner' work permit (20 Working Days)

The applicant should sign the (photocopied or faxed) form, have it affixed with their employer's authorizing department's seal.


Go to the Chinese Embassy for temporary work Visa Z (5 Working Days)

Usually a work visa is a single entry, the duration of stay in it is 000, which means that the duration is determined by the temporary residence permit that you receive after entering to China.

Foreigners are in China

Preparation of documents (5 Working Days)
Medical Examination (5 Working Days)
(Go to Shanghai International Travel Medical Center to get the Certificate of Verification)
Registration Form of Temporary Residence (1-3 Working Days)
(Go to the Police Station or Hotel Reception)

Apply for Work Permit (20 Working Days)

Apply online the Work Permit in the Shanghai SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs).


Apply for Residence permit (5-10 Working Days)

Apply the Residence Permit in Exit-Entry Administration Department of Shanghai Public Security Bureau.