Apply the Residence Registration online in Shanghai – during Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

With a large number of workers coming back, businesses will resume operation one after another. Shanghai's EEAB (Exit-Entry Administration Bureau) is providing fast-track services for foreigners on February 18, 2020, the meeting issued 6 measures on the management of exit-entry services for foreigners in Shanghai during the Novel Coronavirus epidemic.


Enjoy a concert of French House music in Shanghai

What are you listening to and what do you play? Classic? Pop? Jazz or the edgy techno? And who is your favorite artist? If you pose these questions to music lovers in Shanghai, you will be absolutely astonished by their answers, not only there are plenty, but also there exist some names that you have probably never heard of.


Why and How to Apply ICP for Website in China

Internet has been growing rapidly in China. It is home to some of the largest e-commerce platforms and businesses like Alibaba, WeChat etc. However, there is still stringent rules for regulating the internet and websites in the country compared to other many other countries. To host and operate a website in China, the companies need to obtain the Internet Content Provider (ICP) license. Simply put, the ICP is a license issued by the state authorities which allows the license holders to host a website on a server in mainland China.


Qingming Festival

The Qingming Festival, also known as the Tombs Sweeping Day among foreigners. It first originated from the Cold Food or Hanshi Festival which remembered a nobleman’s death from fire during…


How to do business in China legally

Shanghai is a very large city with a population of about 16.5 million. Shanghai is China's economic center, financial center, industrial center, and business center. Core areas include Huangpu District, Xuhui District, Changning District, Yangpu District, Hongkou District, Putuo District, Jing'an District, and Pudong New District. If you would love to do business in China legally. First, you need to find an office. You can select the region and location based on your budget and preference.


What to do When You Lose Passport in China

In China, passport of foreigners is needed for accessing services like using a Chinese net bar, getting tickets for bus, train, planes etc. A loss of passport can put question marks on the identity and nationality of foreigners in China. Passports are important for travelers and foreigners living overseas and working. They are needed not only for entering any country but are required for accessing many other services and utilities.