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Shanghai districts: How to choose the right place for your company?

As China’s largest economic center, Shanghai is further divided into 16 Districts. Now, Shanghai had received Foreign investments from 188 countries and regions. Moreover, Shanghai attracted a record-breaking total of paid-in foreign investment up to USD 19.048 billion in 2019. As best shown in the active performance of investors and the concentration of market players, Shanghai is becoming one of the most desired investment destinations for foreign investors. In the article, we’ll introduce the full list of Shanghai districts as well as provide the Investment Highlight and the Policy support.

Shanghai districts map


Located on the east bank of the Huangpu River, the Pudong New Area covers an area of 1,210 km2. As one of the most important bridgeheads for China’s opening-up, it is home to the country’s first pilot free trade zone, as well as over 35,000 foreign-invested companies, including more than 320 RHQs of MNCs.

As a result of continued rapid economic growth, an industry structure centered on service-oriented economy and a development pattern driven by innovation have taken shape in Pudong. It has now become an important growth pole for Shanghai’s rapid economic development, and a key player in the city’s “Five-center” Initiative.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Pudong

Policy Support

  • Municipal-level Economic Regulation Authority
    Including the right to approve the household registration of domestic and returned overseas professionals
  • High Rewards to Financial Institutions
    Reward for incorporation, talent attraction, and comprehensive contribution
  • Support and Rewards to Headquarters
    Available for headquarters, such as RHQs of MNCs, large enterprise headquarters, operational headquarters, territorial headquarters, and high-growth headquarters
  • Support and Rewards to Advanced Manufacturing Industries
    Available for players in industries such as six technology-intensive industries – new-generation information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy, and energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Comprehensive Contribution Rewards to Professional Service Enterprises
    Available for businesses providing professional services including legal services, accounting and auditing, IPR services, human resource services, and science and technology intermediary services
  • Rewards for Scientific Research
    Available for key research projects, R&D institutions of businesses, and tech startups
  • Convenient Services to Foreign Professionals
    Including convenient transportation, high-end education and medical services, application for permanent residence permit, talent development programs for unicorns, and housing

Commercial Facility

key functional zone

  • Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone
    Key Buildings: Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Jinmao Tower, Shanghai International Finance Center
    Rent Reference: RMB 5–18/m2/day
  • Zhangjiang Science City
    Key Zones: Zhangjiang Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industrial Base, Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Zone, Pudong Software Park, Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Park, International Medical zone, Zhangjiang AIsland, Zhangjiang Middle District
    Rent Reference: RMB 2.5–7/m2 /day
  • Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Key Sites: City of Elite, Jinding Area, Jinmin Park, Jinqiao Intelligent Valley, Office Park II, You do Campus
    Rent Reference: RMB 2.5–6/m2 /day
  • China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
    Key Zones: Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park, Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Pudong Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone
    Rent Reference: RMB 2.5–4/m2 /day
  • International Tourism Resort
    Key Hotels: Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Shanghai Marriott Hotel Kangqiao, Melia Shanghai Parkside


Located on the west bank of the Huangpu River, Huangpu District covers an area of 20.52 km2 . Renowned as the “heart, window, and business card” of the city, the District is Shanghai’s economic, administrative and cultural center.

Huangpu District boasts a well-developed service industry which accounts for over 98% of its economy and a high degree of foreign trade dependence with foreign-funded economy reaching 43% of its total. Being home to many financial factor markets and institutions and RHQs of MNCs, the District is experiencing booming development in cultural creativity and entertainment industries. New investment opportunities are also seen in the fields of healthcare and sci-tech innovation.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Huangpu

Policy Support

  • Encouraging MNCs to Set up RHQs
    Granting a recognized RHQs institution or an institution that serves the function of RHQs with subsidies of 30% of its rent for three years, according to a benchmark rent of RMB 5/m2 /day for a 1,000 m2 office; Rewarding such institution with a lump sum of RMB 2 million, given that its annual turnover reaches RMB 500 million and is less than RMB 1 billion from the time of recognition
  • Vigorously Developing the Brand Economy
    Providing support to well-known brand enterprises that have established brand chain headquarters in the District, actively explored the Shanghai market and beyond in China, increased the number of business branches and established new sales channels such as e-commerce platforms
  • Promoting the Development of Fashion Industry
    Supporting functional institutions that carry out fashion operations and activities in key commercial areas in the District;
    Encouraging fashion shows and relevant activities, comprehensive fashion services, fashion media, and fashion consumption platforms
  • Promoting the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries
    Supporting various functional events that enhance the influence of the cultural and creative industries such as summits, forums, trade fairs, exhibitions, competitions, and press conferences
  • “Eighteen Guidelines for Bund Finance”
    Functioning as the core functional area for building Shanghai into a global financial hub, and actively building itself into a global asset management center, capital operation center and professional financial service center
  • The policy of Dedicated Apartments for High-end Service Professionals
    Providing dedicated apartments to professionals from companies that conform to the District’s high-end service industry talent development pattern or contribute to the development of sci-tech innovation centers

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Huangpu

  • Bund Financial Agglomeration Belt
    Key Buildings: Bund Center, Bund Finance Center (BFC), SOHO Bund Rent
    Rent Reference: RMB 8–15/m2 /day
  • East Nanjing Road–People’s Square Cluster
    Key Buildings: Raffles City, Novel Plaza, Central Plaza
    Rent Reference: RMB 8–13/m2 /day
  • Middle Huaihai Road–Xintiandi Cluster
    Key Buildings: China Overseas International Center, Lansheng Building, Platinum Xintiandi
    Rent Reference: RMB 9–15/m2 /day
  • South Bund–Yu Garden Cluster
    Key Zones: Cool Docks
    Rent Reference: RMB 6–10/m2 /day
  • Dapuqiao–Expo Puxi Park Cluster
    Key Zones: Bridge No.8 Creative Industrial Zone
    Rent Reference: RMB 6–8/m2 /day


Located in downtown Shanghai with an area of 37 km2, Jing’an District, Shanghai, serves as an important window for Shanghai to the outside world. By boosting a commercial real estate economy, Jing’an has gathered many industry leaders from both China and abroad and the regional headquarters of multinational companies. It is the only administrative district in Shanghai where foreign invested companies contribute to over 50% of the local economy.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Jing'an

Policy Support

  • Implementing the Global Service Provider Plan
    Developing a high-end professional service economy by attracting global service providers of high capacity
  • Encouraging the Gathering of Headquarters
    Issuing supportive policies on retrofitting, rental, upgrading and patent subsidies as well as dedicated apartments with the Dedicated Fund for Headquarters Economic Development of Jing’an District
  • Driving the Development of Big Data Industry
    Releasing 17 supportive measures for enhancement of company capacity, introduction and cultivation of talents, etc. through the Dedicated Fund for Big Data Development of Jing’an District
  • Promoting the Development of Human Resources Industry
    Setting up the Dedicated Fund for Human Resources Development of Jing’an District to provide subsidies for 16 items, including rental, retrofitting, R&D, public offering, overseas expansion, and exhibition and convention
  • Encouraging the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries
    Setting up the Dedicated Fund for Film Industry Development of Jing’an District to provide funding and talent support for settled cultural and creative companies, and support e-sports companies in improving their originality and organizing or participating in e-sports competitions, so as to carve out a niche in E-Sports industry

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Jing'an

  • High-end Commercial Clusters Along West Nanjing Road
    Key Buildings: Plaza 66, Westgate Mall, CITIC Square, Ocean Plaza, Jing’an Kerry Center
    Rent Reference: RMB 5–15/m2 /day
  • Start-up Clusters for Culture and Leisure Along the Suzhou River
    Key Buildings: Jing’an International Center, COFCO Plaza, Financial Street Rongtai Center, Kerry Everbright City
    Rent Reference: RMB 3–6/m2 /day
  • Dual-function Clusters for city and industry integration Flanking the Middle Ring Road
    Key Buildings: Daning Music Plaza, Daning Business Center, Wanxiang Daning Center, Shanghai Greenland Central Plaza
    Rent Reference: RMB 2–5/m2 /day
  • Shibei Hi-tech Park
    Industry Positioning: Production-oriented service sectors that include R&D and design, service outsourcing and company headquarters
    Rent Reference: RMB 2–4/m2 /day


Located in the southwest of downtown Shanghai with an area of 54.93 km2 , Xuhui District, Shanghai, is Shanghai’s portal to southern Chinese provinces and cities via land transportation.

Abundant in all types of resources, particularly with plentiful international education and healthcare facilities, Xuhui houses a wealth of cultural faculties and establishments, along with over ten top research institutes.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Xuhui

Policy Support

  • Headquarters Economy
    A subsidy for establishment of up to RMB 10 million will be given to financial institute headquarters and functional financial institutes that have recently re-located to the District.
    RHQs of MNCs, headquarters institutions, R&D centers and trade headquarters that have recently re-located or been identified will be eligible for:

    • A monetary reward of up to RMB 5 million;
    • An office subsidy of up to RMB 6 million for at most three consecutive years;
    • Comprehensive support of up to five year
  • R&D Institute
    A subsidy of up to 30% of total company investments, capped at RMB 3 million, will be granted to leading companies from home and abroad that have set up R&D institutes in the District.
  • Managerial Talent
    Exceptional operational and managerial professionals and teams from key industries will be eligible for a reward of up to RMB 500,000.
  • Dedicated Apartment
    Dedicated apartments and rental agency services will be available to meet the housing need of professionals.
  • Children Education
    Quality education resources will be prioritized to meet the needs of innovation and entrepreneurship professionals for children’s education in a hassle-free process.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Xuhui

  • Xujiahui International CBD
    Key Buildings: Grand Gateway Shanghai, Urban Development International Tower, Metro Tower, CCIG International Plaza
    Rent Reference: RMB 5–10/m2 /day
  • Hengshan Road–Fuxing Road Historical Preservation Area
    Key Buildings: IAPM, Huaihai International Plaza, Century Business Plaza, K.Wah Center, Real Tower
    Rent Reference: RMB 9–16/m2 /day
  • West Bund Cultural and Financial Cluster
    Key Buildings: Poly West Bund Center, CES West Bund Center, Shanghai Greenland Center, Greenland West Bund International Center
    Rent Reference: RMB 6–8/m2 /day
  • Caohejing Hi-tech Park
    Industry Positioning: Electronic information, new materials, high-end equipment, biopharmaceuticals renewable energy, automotive R&D, modern services
    Rent Reference: RMB 3–6/m2 /day


Covering an area of 38.3 km2 , Changning District, Shanghai, which locates in close adjacency to the Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub, is home to Shanghai’s first CBD for foreign enterprises and a major contributor to Shanghai as an international trade center.

As one of the most international downtown areas in this city, Changning currently hosts 27 consulates, more than 120 diplomat residences, and about 70,000 expats from 150 countries and regions.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Changning

Policy Support

  • Loosened Access Restrictions
    Efforts have been made to seek institutional innovation in the development of a cross-industry approval system and new procedures for “Internet +” living services and other related industries in terms of operation qualification, administrative permit and business license, so as to loosen the restrictions on administrative approval and lower the market access threshold.
  • Support for Key Enterprises
    Financial support will be provided to companies with independent creative design capabilities and intellectual property rights of fashion products which have set up headquarters, RHQs, or business centers in the District, as well as newly introduced fashion creative companies which have developed rapidly and contributed significantly to the regional economy.
  • Eased Regulations
    Fashion and creative enterprises are allowed to use expressions like “fashion” and “creative” in corporate name and file business scope at their own discretion, along with loosened restrictions on premise registration.
  • Top-notch Talent Attraction
    • Establishment of a Top-notch AI Talent Fund, with an initial amount of RMB 5 million;
    • A one-off incentive fund for enterprises that employ high-level innovation professionals, and for top-notch talent who start a business in Changning;
    • Subsidies for AI enterprises that recruit interns from top international or Chinese universities.
  • AI-focused Activities
    Supportive subsidies will be granted to Changningbased AI enterprises which host professional forums or other high-end exchange activities in the District according to their actual costs for the events.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Changning

  • Hongqiao–Gubei Commercial District
    Key Buildings: SOHO Gubei, Dawning Center, Gubei Fortune Center
    Rent Reference: RMB 2–7/m2 /day
  • Zhongshan Park Commercial Zone
    Key Buildings: Zhaofeng Plaza, Raffles City Changning, SOHO Tianshan Plaza
    Rent Reference: RMB 3–6/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Business Park
    Function Positioning: An international air transport hub, a headquarters base for global airlines, a high-end service industry cluster, a national business jet base, a low-carbon development area
  • Shanghai Multimedia Park
    Industry Positioning: Digital cultural and creative industries covering multimedia display & exhibition, animated cartoon, film & TV production, digital entertainment
    Rent Reference: RMB 4–5/m2 /day


Putuo District, Shanghai, with an area of 55.53 km2 , is conveniently located in the northwest of Shanghai, making it an important land gateway connecting the YRD region and other provinces in China.

Putuo boasts huge potential for development as it ranks No. 1 among all downtown districts in Shanghai in terms of available land and total volume of buildings.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Putuo

Policy Support

  • Headquarters Economy
    A one-off subsidy of up to RMB 1 million will be provided to multinational companies which have established headquarters with an investment nature or managerial RHQs in Putuo, in addition to the financial support provided by the municipal and district governments in accordance with relevant regulations of Shanghai, and a lump sum subsidy of up to RMB 500,000 to headquarters newly recognized by the Putuo government.
  • MSME Support
    • An eligible MSME, upon its on-time loan payment to a bank, is entitled to an interest subsidy of more than 50% for the floating part above the benchmark interest rate;
    • Those warranted through the Shanghai Municipal Administration Center for Policy Financing Guarantee Funds for MSMEs will be given a subsidy of more than 50% of the guarantee fee;
    • A reward of up to RMB 800,000 is available to accredited platforms and organizations with remarkable performance.
  • Talent Recruitment
    • An incentive of up to RMB 5 million will be given to enterprises which introduce and train high-caliber talents from China and abroad;
    • Dedicated apartments, rent allowance and preferential policies for medical care and children education are provided to address the needs of professionals.
  • Technology Innovation
    • A subsidy of up to RMB 2 million will be granted to nationally or municipally-accredited public R&D platforms;
    • A maximum reward of RMB 1.5 million and 1 million respectively to enterprises accredited as a state or municipal-level technical center;
    • An incentive of up to RMB 1 million to those recognized as an innovation “Little Giant” at the district level;
    • A reward of up to RMB 2 million to makerspaces at the national or municipal levels.
  • Financial Development
    A newly introduced financial enterprise is entitled to a subsidy for establishment of up to RMB 15 million and an office subsidy.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Putuo

  • Shanghai Universal Software Park
    Industry Positioning: Big data and Internet +, intelligent manufacturing and robotics, animated cartoon, games, film & TV, technology-targeted finance
    Rent Reference: RMB 2.5–5/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Futurity Hi-tech Industry
    Park Industry Positioning: High-tech electrical appliances, advanced manufacturing, cutting-edge electronics, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, new culture
    Rent Reference: RMB 1.8–3.5/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Technology-targeted Finance Industry Cluster
    Industry Positioning: Technology-targeted finance, international education, Internet+, intelligent technology
    Key Buildings: Shanghai Global Harbor, Changfeng Tower, East China Normal University Sci-Tech Park, Chenfeng Tower, Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, Red Star World Trade Building, Zhetie Greentown, Prona Plaza, South Garden of Jinhuan Business Garden
    Rent Reference: RMB 3–9/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Zhenru Sub-center
    Industry Positioning: Technology-targeted finance, intelligent software, R&D services, a public activity hub serving the whole YRD region
    Key Buildings: Xingguangyao Square, Pinzun International Plaza, Upper West Shanghai, Tianhui Plaza
    Rent Reference: RMB 4–7/m2 /day
  • M50 Art Space
    Industry Positioning: Cultural creativity
    Rent Reference: RMB 6–7/m2 /day


Located in the northeast of downtown Shanghai with an area of 23.4 km2, Hongkou District, Shanghai, has been an important gathering place for shipping, trade and commodities since the opening of Shanghai as a commercial port.

Hongkou aims to become an important functional area in support of Shanghai as an international financial hub and shipping center, a creative entrepreneurial zone of influence, an accessible and diversified area for Shanghai’s cultural heritage development and a high-quality urban area for people to live, work and travel.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Hongkou

Policy Support

  • Promoting the Gathering and Development of Modern Business Enterprises
    Newly introduced modern business enterprises are eligible for a one-time investment reward no higher than 2% of the paid-in registered capital within two years, capped at RMB 1 million;
    Newly introduced functional institutions for modern business, based on their levels – international, national, and provincial/ministerial and below, will be rewarded with RMB 1.5 million, 800,000, and 500,000 respectively.
  • Providing Subsidies and Incentives to Headquarters Institutions
    Rewarding newly-introduced headquarters institutions with a subsidy for establishment up to RMB 30 million.
  • Supporting the Gathering of Talents for Headquarters Institutions
    Providing settling-in allowance and housing/rental subsidies; making them the preferred recipients of rewards for a given number of years; and providing comprehensive services regarding visa application, foreigner’s employment permit, and talent attraction.
  • Encouraging Financial Service Enterprises to Settle In
    Newly introduced financial service institutions and financial holding groups are eligible for one-time investment rewards at 5% and 3% of their paid-in registered capitals within two years, capped at RMB 15 million and 10 million respectively; and support will also be given to enterprises in the field of Internet finance.
  • Stimulating Functional Financial Institutions to Settle In
    Newly introduced functional financial institutions, based on their levels – international, national, and provincial/ministerial and below, will be rewarded with RMB 1.5 million, 800,000, and 500,000 respectively.
  • Gathering Key Shipping Service Providers and Supporting Enterprises
    A one-time investment reward at 5% of the paid-in registered capital within two years, up to RMB 15 million, will be provided.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Hongkou

  • South Functional Area – The North Bund Shipping and Finance Center
    Key Buildings: Sinar Mas Plaza, Raffles City the Bund, Shanghai Yifang Center, Landmark Center Shanghai
    Rent Reference: RMB 8–12/m2 /day
  • Middle Functional Area – Integrated Development Area for Business, Travel, Culture, and Sports
    Key Zones: Shanghai Music Valley
    Rent Reference: RMB 4–5/m2 /day
  • North Functional Area – Technology Innovation Belt along the Northern Part of the Middle Ring Road
    Leading Parks: Innovation Galaxy Hongkou, Shanghai Innovation Center
    Rent Reference: RMB 5–6.5/m2 /day


Located in the northeast of downtown Shanghai, Yangpu is the largest and most populous central district, Shanghai, with a total area of 60.61 km2.

Yangpu is one of the birthplaces of China’s modern industrial civilization, boasting profound historical and cultural heritage represented by century-long higher education, industry development, and urban governance. Capitalizing on its superior scientific and educational resources, Yangpu is making “innovation” its branding strategy.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Yangpu

Policy Support

  • Rewards for Headquarters and R&D Centers
    • Headquarters approved can receive a reward of up to RMB 5 million;
    • Enterprises setting up domestic/overseas technology centers will be given up to RMB 1 million dedicated grants, and an additional grant at 20% of the R&D expenses super deducted, up to RMB 2 million;
    • R&D centers such as laboratories and talent development bases developed by MNCs and leading foreign research institutes jointly with local universities, research institutes, and enterprises will be given support similar to that in the headquarters policy.
  • Office Subsidy for Headquarters
    RHQs office rental in Yangpu will be subsidized for three consecutive years up to RMB 5 million, and building or purchasing office spaces is eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB 10 million.
  • Executive Incentive
    Senior management members of RHQs who purchase an estate in Yangpu are eligible for a housing subsidy of up to RMB 1 million.
  • Policy for Talent Recruitment
    Convenient services will be provided for foreign professionals who engage in entrepreneurial or innovation activities in Yangpu regarding the application of Port Visa, permanent residence, and Student Visa, and for changing current visa to Introduced Talent Visa (R-visa).
  • Tenant Enterprise Allowance
    Rental allowance up to three years will be given to enterprises settling in the accredited innovation bases for AI and big data which cover a total area of 30,000 m2.
  • Industry Policy for AI & Big Data
    A one-time reward up to RMB 5 million will be given to newly-introduced AI and big data enterprises, or to the operating companies of those venture-financed enterprises established in Yangpu for less than three years according to their total investment obtained.
  • Industry Policy for Fintech
    Institutional investors will be rewarded with up to RMB 12 million when they meet Yangpu’s paid-in capital target for non-listed fintech companies, or when the fintech enterprises they invest in choose to settle in the District.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Yangpu

  • West Core Area
    Key Buildings: Innov Center, Kaidi Cube Edifice, Yangpu Innovation, and Entrepreneurship International Center, HOPSON ONE, Guohua Plaza, The Springs Center
    Key Parks: Knowledge & Innovation Community, Fudan University Science Park, National Science and Technology Park of Tongji University
    Rent Reference: RMB 3–6/m2 /day
  • Middle Upgrading Area
    Key Parks: Changyang Campus, Fudan Software Park
    Rent Reference: RMB 3–5/m2 /day
  • East Strategic Area
    Key Buildings: EBA Center, Poly Greenland Plaza, Oriental Fisherman’s Wharf
    Key Parks: USST National Science Park, Shanghai Intellectual Property Park, National Science and Technology Park of Shanghai Ocean University
    Rent Reference: RMB 2–6/m2 /Day


As the gateway to the northern part of Shanghai with an area of 293.7 km2, Baoshan District, Shanghai, is the origin of China’s independent port opening in modern times and an important time-honored industrial base.

Boasting the Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal, a port biggest in Asia and the fourth largest in the world, Baoshan aims to become an international cruise hub. It also endeavors to build itself into a base of smart and intelligent manufacturing by focusing on the development of Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics, which features a full-fledged robotic and intelligent hardware industry chain.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Baoshan

Policy Support

  • Building a Headquarters Base of Cruise Liners with Global Influence
    • Incentives will be given to the RHQs or Headquarters-type institutions of the cruise industry-related companies who pay taxes in Baoshan, and the District fiscal system will cover an additional 10% of such incentives;
    • A subsidy of up to RMB 5 million will be granted to a cruise company headquarters in Baoshan which is not recognized, yet functions as an RHQ of an MNC at the municipal level;
    • For RHQs of cruise industry-related companies and global operation centers of cruise liners, the allowance will be given according to their contribution to the District’s economy based on the principle of “One Policy for One Enterprise”;
    • Cruise company headquarters that purchase office spaces in Baoshan for the first time will be given a subsidy at 10% of the actual purchase price, up to a maximum of RMB 6 million.
  • Accelerating the Clustering Development of Robotic and Intelligent Hardware Industry
    High-quality enterprises are encouraged to settle in Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics. Listed companies outside the District with the good financial position that have established their headquarters in the Park or relocate their industry commerce and taxation relations here will be given a reward of up to 5 million.
  • Supporting RHQs and Research Centers of MNCs
    RHQs of MNCs will be supported according to the relevant policies of Shanghai;
    Headquarters-type institutions will be given a fund of RMB 2 million whereas regional research centers of MNCs will be given RMB 1 million from the Guiding Funds for Service Industry Development.
  • Encouraging Leading Chinese and Foreign Brands in Commerce and Service Industries to Settle In
    Well-known domestic and foreign commercial chain enterprises that have RHQs or fully-owned subsidiaries in the District shall be reimbursed at 50% of the total investment, up to RMB 300,000, each time they open a new store upon approval.
  • Supporting Enterprises in Baoshan to Participate in the CIIE
    Overseas parent companies of enterprises in Baoshan which participate in the CIIE will be granted a subsidy at 50%, up to RMB 500,000, of their actual booth fees and promotional expenditures.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Baoshan

  • Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics
    Industry Positioning: Complete industry chain of robotics and smart hardware
    Rent Reference: RMB 1.35–2.2/m2 /day
  • Baoshan Urban Industrial Park
    Industry Positioning: New materials, smart manufacturing, life science & healthcare
    Rent Reference: RMB 1.5–2.2/m2 /day
  • Baoshan Industrial Park
    Industry Positioning: Cruise supporting industries, new energy vehicles, smart devices, new materials
    Rent Reference: RMB 1.5–2/m2 /day
  • Technological Business Cluster in South Area
    Key Buildings: Watts Gallop International Plaza, Innovation Galaxy Baoshan, Teddy Vigor Town, Wisdom Bay, Shanghai International Research and Development Headquarters Base
    Rent Reference: RMB 2.5–4/m2 /day


As the geographical center of Shanghai with an area of 372 km2, Minhang District, Shanghai, is at the core of scientific innovation in Southern Shanghai.

Home to Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub, one of the world’s largest transportation hubs, Minhang District is the gateway of Shanghai to the rest of the YRD, China and the world.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Minhang

Policy Support

  • Driving the Headquarters Economy
    RHQs of MNCs and headquarters-type institutions are encouraged to settle in the District. The headquarters of Chinese companies and Chinese companies serving headquarters functions are also welcomed and are eligible for supportive measures from the District of no higher standard than that for their multinational counterparts.
  • Supporting AI Companies in Innovative R&D and Commercialization
    Projects that work on innovative results commercialization are eligible for a subsidy equivalent to 10%–30% of their R&D spending, capped at RMB 5 million. A subsidy equivalent to 10%–20% of their new equipment investment, capped at RMB 10 million, is also available. The total subsidies received should be no more than RMB 10 million.
  • Supporting Biomedical Companies in Innovative Product Commercialization
    Key commercialization projects of local biomedical companies that have received funding from the municipal government are eligible for a grant in 1:1 ratio with the municipal funding, capped at RMB 5 million.
  • Supporting R&D Institutes
    Newly identified R&D institutes are entitled to a one-off subsidy based on their R&D spending in the previous year.
  • Comprehensive Services for Innovative Talents
    Exceptional professionals will receive a “Service Card for Shanghai Talents”, which allows them to enjoy one-stop services covering government services, employment assistance for their spouses, and policy consultation.
  • Improving Housing Availability for Professionals
    High-caliber professionals and key team members of selected companies enjoy prioritized access to housing subsidies and low-rent housing. Subsidy for buying or renting is also available for qualified professionals.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Minhang

  • Hongqiao Sub-CBD
    Key Buildings: SCE Plaza, Hongqiao Vanke Center, Hongqiao Longhu Mall, Rhine Hongqiao Center, Shanghai Mixc Mall, Hongqiao Green Valley Square
    Rent Reference: RMB 5–8/m2 /day
  • Xinzhuang Sub-CBD
    Key Buildings: Capitaland Minhang Plaza, Skymall, Vanke International Plaza, Bailian Nanfang Shopping Mall, Xizi International, U Center
    Rent Reference: RMB 4–7/m2 /day
  • Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Industry Positioning: AI, biopharmaceuticals new materials, aerospace, advanced manufacturing
    Rent Reference: RMB 1.5–2.3/m2 /day
  • Zizhu National Hi-tech Development Park
    Industry Positioning: IT and software, digital video and audio, life science, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace electronics, renewable energy, new materials
    Rent Reference: RMB 1.5–2.5/m2 /day
  • Xinzhuang Industrial Park
    Industry Positioning: Mechanics and automotive spare parts, major equipment, aerospace, new materials and fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals producer services
    Rent Reference: RMB 1.8–2.8/m2 /day


Located in northwestern Shanghai with an area of 463.55 km2 and adjacent to the Hongqiao Transportation Hub, Jiading District, Shanghai is an important portal of Shanghai to the YRD economic hinterland.

Home to the Shanghai International Automobile City that is under development, Jiading District is known as one of the regions in China boasting the largest automotive industry scale, the most advanced R&D, and the most comprehensive industry chain.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Jiading

Policy Support

  • Attracting Qualified Companies to Jiading
    • Company Introduction & Cultivation: An investment fund of RMB 10 billion;
    • Company Upgrading: A subsidy of up to RMB 100 million to support commercialization projects;
    • Sci-tech Innovation: A subsidy of up to RMB 30 million to support companies in building functional platforms;
    • Talent Support: Favorable housing policy for professionals and favorable schooling policy for their children;
    • Construction Support: A subsidy of up to RMB 10 million for land or production facility; reduced taxes and fees.
  • Policy for High-Caliber Innovative Talents and Entrepreneurs, Urgently Needed Professionals and Teams
    Individuals (or teams) involved in innovation or starting businesses that are new to Jiading District are eligible for a subsidy of RMB 100,000–1,000,000, and a housing and living allowance of RMB 80,000–500,000;
    Exceptional professionals (or teams) that are already based in the District are eligible for a salary subsidy of RMB 50,000–500,000.
  • Housing Policy for Exceptional Professionals
    Exceptional professionals in the District are eligible for a house purchase allowance of RMB 450,000–700,000, or a rental allowance of RMB 800–1,200 per month.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Jiading

  • Office Building
    Key Buildings: Greenland Jiachuang Building, Xindi Plaza, Hitech Business Building, Jiangqiao Wanda Plaza
    Rent Reference: RMB 1–3/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone
    Industry Positioning: NEVs and intelligent and connected vehicles, integrated circuits and IoT, high-end medical equipment and precision medicine, intelligent manufacturing and robotics
    Rent Reference: RMB 1–3/m2 /day
  • Lingang Jiading Science and Technology City
    Industry Positioning: Emerging industries including smart healthcare, new materials and new-generation information technology; modern services including R&D, design and financial services
  • Shanghai Smart Sensor Industry Park
    Industry Positioning: Smart sensors


Located in southwestern Shanghai with an area of 613 km2 , Jinshan District, Shanghai, assumes the role of the bridgehead of Shanghai in driving the high-quality integrated development of the YRD.

Located in the geographical center of the YRD, the most developed urban cluster of China, Jinshan District is only an hour of drive away from the 16 major cities of the YRD.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Jinshan

Policy Support

  • Supporting the Establishment of IIoT Platforms for Key Sectors and Key Links of the Value Chain
    Projects that reach certain scale in device connection, software deployment and user coverage are eligible for a subsidy equivalent to 30% of total project investment, capped at RMB 1 million.
  • Supporting Foreign-Invested Advanced Manufacturers
    New foreign-invested projects on advanced manufacturing or capacity expansion projects of existing foreign-invested manufacturers that have over USD 10 million in contractual value to be paid up in two years are eligible for a subsidy equivalent to 1% of the paid-in capital, capped at RMB 2 million.
  • Supporting Foreign-Invested Headquarters Economy
    • A subsidy of up to RMB 5 million is available to new foreign-invested R&D centers or new RHQs of MNCs that are set up in the form of holding companies;
    • An accumulative subsidy of up to RMB 2 million is available to the RHQs of MNCs or foreign-invested R&D centers that have rented, purchased or built office space for their own use in Jinshan District;
    • An accumulative subsidy of up to RMB 10 million is available to the RHQs of MNCs with outstanding operational performance;
    • MNCs that have upgraded their RHQs to a higher level are eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB 3 million.
  • Supporting the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry
    Airworthiness assessment institutes are eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB 10 million for property purchase and construction as well as a rental subsidy of up to RMB 1.2 million per year for five years;
    Research institutes specializing in low-altitude aviation technologies are eligible for a subsidy equivalent to 20% of their investment, capped at RMB 10 million
  • Supporting the Carbon Fiber Composite Industry
    Carbon fiber composite projects that have achieved breakthroughs in key areas of production equipment, process or technology are entitled to a subsidy equivalent to 5%–10% of actual investment, capped at RMB 3 million, upon recognition.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Jinshan

  • Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone
    Industry Positioning: Biopharmaceutical new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing, unmanned systems, eco-friendly printing, food processing, optoelectronics
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.7–3/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Jinshan Second Industrial Zone
    Industry Positioning: Fine chemical industries, including new energy-saving ecofriendly coating, new surfactant, catalyst, additive, special macromolecular materials and biopharmaceuticals producer services, including chemical logistics, testing and trade.
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.7–3/m2 /day
  • Fengjing Industrial Zone
    Industry Positioning: Automobile and key spare parts, renewable energy, yellow rice wine production, food processing, new textile and clothing, producer services.
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.7–3/m2 /day
  • Zhujing Industrial Zone
    Industry Positioning: Precision instrument, electronics and electrical appliance, new materials, equipment for energy conservation and environmental protection.
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.7–3/m2 /day


Located on the upper Huangpu River and spanning an area of 604.67 km2 , Songjiang District is an important gateway to Shanghai in the southwest.

Songjiang District has taken the lead in proposing the establishment of the G60 Sci-tech Innovation Corridor. As the Corridor was elevated from a city-level strategy to be a part of the YRD region’s integrated development guidelines, it will become a model corridor where sci-tech innovation drives “Made in China” towards “Created in China” with quality development.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Songjiang

Policy Support

  • Industry-related Subsidies
    • Newly introduced key advanced manufacturing enterprises are eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB 10 million to purchase production and office buildings for their own use, and rent allowance of up to RMB 5 million;
    • Newly introduced leading enterprises in high-tech services, professional services and cultural creativity are eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB 5 million to purchase production and office buildings for their own use, and rent allowance of up to RMB 3 million; The first major technical equipment in the District is eligible for a subsidy at an amount below 30% of its market price, capped at RMB 5 million;
    • Enterprises in the District, which purchase modern facilities and equipment produced by leading manufacturers in the District to carry out technological improvement, are eligible for a subsidy of up to 15% of the purchase cost, capped at RMB 3 million/year for an individual company.
  • Financial Support for Foreign Investors
    Newly introduced foreign investment projects and those that expand investment capital are eligible for a subsidy of 3% of the paid-in capital, capped at RMB 5 million
    Foreign-funded R&D institutions recognized by the Municipal Commission of Commerce are eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB 3 million.
  • Financial Support for Headquarters
    Newly introduced or upgraded corporate headquarters are eligible for a subsidy for the establishment of up to RMB 10 million; Those that have been upgraded to RHQs of MNCs in Shanghai are eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB 5 million.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Songjiang

  • Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Industry Positioning: Electronic information, food processing, fine chemicals, modern equipment
    Rent Reference: RMB 1–2/m2 /day
  • Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City
    Function Positioning: “Valley of Sci-tech Innovation, Core of Culture, Continent of Ecology”
    Rent Reference: RMB 1–2/m2 /day
  • Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone
    Function Positioning: Clusters of state manufacturing industries and supporting service industries, headquarters of leading export-oriented manufacturing enterprises and trade-oriented corporations


Qingpu District, Shanghai, situated in the southwest of Shanghai and covers an area of 668.5 km2 , is one of the districts with the best natural ecology in the city.

Adjacent to the Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub, the District is the only administrative district in Shanghai that borders both Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. It is the “Gateway of Shanghai” serving to facilitate the development of the YRD, the whole of China, and even the rest of the world.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Qingpu

Policy Support

  • Financial Support for MNCs to Establish Headquarters
    MNCs that have established new holding headquarters covering Asia, Asia-Pacific or broader regions are eligible for a subsidy for the establishment of RMB 8 million.
  • Housing Support for MNCs’ Headquarters
    MNCs that have built or purchased headquarters offices are eligible for a subsidy equivalent to 10% of the assessed market price of such offices, capped at RMB 6 million.
  • Operation Rewards for Companies Serving the Function of RHQs of MNCs
    • Companies performing the function of RHQs of MNCs whose annual turnover has reached a certain scale since the year when they were recognized as RHQs are eligible for an accumulative reward of RMB 10 million;
    • Recognized trade-based headquarters are eligible for a reward up to RMB 5 million as per the year-on-year increase of their revenue.
  • Rewards for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Teams
    Qualified innovative and entrepreneurial talent teams are eligible for a reward of up to RMB 12 million.
  • Rewards for Modern Business Operations
    • An exhibition with a scale of 200,000 m2 (or 5,000 booths) is eligible for a reward of RMB 600,000;
    • Qingpu-based logistics enterprises with annual revenue of RMB 10 billion are eligible for a reward of RMB 1 million;
    • Newly introduced commercial complexes with floor areas of over 50,000 m2 are eligible for a reward of RMB 3 million.
  • Dedicated Apartments
    Leading enterprises of key industries and industry platforms have the privilege to use a certain number of dedicated apartments for their employees.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Qingpu

  • Qingpu Industrial Zone
    Industry Positioning: High-end equipment, auto parts, biopharmaceuticals, new materials, electronic information
    Rent Reference: RMB 1–2/m2 /day
  • Shixi Software Information Park
    Industry Positioning: IoT, AI, industrial software, location services, intelligent healthcare, smart logistics
    Rent Reference: RMB 2–3/m2 /day
  • West Hongqiao Business District
    Industry Positioning: Exhibition and conference services, circulation services, headquarters economy, modern financial services, creative industry, strategic emerging industries
    Rent Reference: RMB 2–4/m2 /day
  • Lake Dianshan New City
    Industry Positioning: Advanced manufacturing industries that are resource-saving and environment-friendly, modern service industries including tourism and leisure, conference and exhibition, commerce and business, and ecological residence


Located in the south of Shanghai with an area of 733.38 km2 , Fengxian District, Shanghai, is aimed to become a center in southern Shanghai and a core area of the comprehensive service-oriented region on the northern bank of Hangzhou Bay.

Fengxian is home to harbor, airport and land port facilities, which makes it the only urban area equidistant from the two major international airports and an international shipping port in Shanghai. The District enjoys dividends of a free trade zone as approx. 439 km2 of its land is designated to be part of the Lingang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Fengxian

Policy Support

  • Accelerating the Development of Beauty and Health Industries
    Encouraging MNCs in the beauty and health spheres to set up RHQs in the Oriental Beauty Valley.
  • Setting up an RMB 2 Billion Guiding Fund for Industry Development in Fengxian
    Investing in quality industries with great potential and sustainable performance in the beauty & health and new energy sectors.
  • Pushing the Development of Headquarters Economy
    Encouraging MNCs to set up RHQs and headquarters-type institutions in Fengxian.
  • Accelerating the Development of “a Park within a Park”
    Prioritizing the land application by major manufacturers inland using.
  • Expediting the Gathering of Cultural and Creative Industries
    Renowned cultural and creative brands from China and abroad settling in Fengxian are entitled to grants at 5-10% of their actual investment in fixed assets, up to RMB 3 million.
  • Implementing a Tiered Talent Acquisition Mechanism
    Providing all-rounded case-by-case support for different types of talented personnel in terms of housing and renting, schooling of children and medical care.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Fengxian

  • Fengxian Economic Development Zone
    Key Buildings: Greenland Jade International Plaza, SME Union Building, Excellence Century Center
    Rent Reference: RMB 1.8–2.2/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Comprehensive Industrial Development Zone
    Industry Positioning: Beauty and health, new energy, new materials, auto parts, equipment manufacturing
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.5–1/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Hangzhou Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Industry Positioning: High-end biotechnology, producer services related to beauty and healthcare industries
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.5–1/m2 /day


Chongming District, Shanghai, is located on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean with an area of 1,413 km2 . It is the midpoint of China’s coastline and the estuary of the Yangtze River to the sea.

The District is committed to becoming a world-class eco-island and a global example in ecological environment development, resource utilization, social-economic development and quality of life.

Investment Highlight

Investment Highlight Chongming

Policy Support

  • Encouraging Enterprises Investment and Talents Attraction
    Providing entrepreneurs and start-ups with preferential and low-cost office spaces as well as entrepreneurship coaching, financial, legal, and human resource services for free.
  • Encouraging the Development of Start-ups
    A one-off grant of RMB 150,000 will be given to district-level high-tech business incubators and maker-spaces, along with a founding subsidy of up to RMB 350,000 granted after one year of business operation.
  • Supporting District-level High-tech Businesses
    Providing district-level high-tech business incubators and maker-spaces with office space rental subsidy at RMB 1/m2 /day for a floor area of up to 500 m2.
  • Financial Incentives for Innovation and Startup Teams
    An entrepreneurship coaching incentive of RMB 50,000 will be given to the operating bodies of tech incubators or maker-spaces if projects from such incubators and maker-spaces receive one-off funding of RMB 2 million or more.

Commercial Facility

key functional zone Chongming

  • Chongming Industrial Park
    Industry Positioning: Machinery, electronics, apparel, cultural creativity
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.5–1/m2 /day
  • Chongming Modern Agriculture Park
    Industry Positioning: Advanced agricultural technologies, biotechnologies
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.5–1/m2 /day
  • Shanghai Changxing Marine Equipment Industry Park
    Industry Positioning: An international highland of marine industry, an international playground for innovative enterprises
    Rent Reference: RMB 0.5–1/m2 /day

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