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As a platform certificated by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, BIS provides professional services of Foreign company registration in shanghai,including WFOE(Wholly Foreign Owned Entreprise),Joint-Venture company,Foreign Partnership Entreprise,Representative Office,Hongkong Company,etc.

BIS is also a platform focused on providing Human Resource solutions ,  including China M visa, China Working Visa, Working permit, China R visa, China Dependent visa (Q visa and S visa), China Green Card, etc..We have good integration of internal and external human resources. Through a wide range of management services, the ultimate goal is to continue to create human resources for the enterprise value.

After the company registration and bank account opening, foreign enterprise needs to get the Taxation license. Chinese accounting & Tax standard are different than the other countries. BIS will assist and accompany our client in the management of the financial and administrative tasks during its development in China within the terms hereafter defined, in compliance with local rules.

As an entrepreneur in China, the importance of registering a trademark in China is often overlooked and sometimes ignored. There are many pitfalls you need to avoid when registering a trademark or copyright. There are many questions. How to protect the European & U.S. trademarks? How long does it take? BIS provides the professional analysis service to protect your trademark & copyright in China.



Fengchuang Valley Public Incubator in Shanghai

Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone (SICDZ) is one of the 9 municipal development zones in Shanghai. It is located in the treasure land of Fengxian District, Shanghai, which radiates the whole Yangtze River Delta and has great potentials for development. With the implementation of such economic layout strategies as "innovation-driven development to consolidate and promote

How to verify the Mask and Medical Devices suppliers in China

At present, global disease of the epidemic COVID-19 surveillance and control is faced with a serious challenge. The spread of the COVID-19 virus have exploded, foreign demand for masks and other medical supplies increased from China. While the world is gripped by the fight against COVID-19, some suppliers have turned this into an opportunity to

How to Close Down your company in China

During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, many foreign investors withdrew from China to reduce costs, expecting the market to thrive again soon. According to the relevant laws and regulations of China, if a Foreign Invested Company didn't take right steps to close the business and clear all obligations, it might cause a lot of negative consequences

Being Together: Video of Support to Coronavirus Battle

Created by Qinghua Chen, a native of China and a graduate student at State University of New York at Buffalo, this video is presented as a personal gesture of support to people who are battling the coronavirus in China and around the world, as the coronavirus is a global challenge. The video delivers three key

COVID-19 in China – Real Time Update

Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia COVID-19 - Real Time Update - Geographical Distribution in China, Number of Daily Cases of Confirmed/Suspected Chart, Cumulative Cases of Death/Recovered Chart Cases in everyday.

The guide to calculate the employees’ payroll in China

China is a large country with far lower wages and also is increasingly able to make almost any product or offer almost any service for all the developed countries. According to the China Ministry's data, a total of 30.871 new Foreign-invested enterprises were founded in first three quarters of 2019. More and more world top

List of Shanghai National Development Zones

The National Development Zones refer to the Economic and Technological development zones, Customs supervision Zones or Bonded zones, High-Tech industrial development zones, Tourism Zones and others, which are approved by the State Council. In 2018, the government has published the 《China Development Zone Announcement List 2018》. According to the List, there are 2543 Development Zones in

Apply the Residence Registration online in Shanghai – during Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

The Novel Coronavirus has now killed 1,921 people in China. It has infected 74,279 people on Feb 19, 2020, with over 1,000 cases outside mainland China. A total of 14,473 patients infected with the Novel Coronavirus had been discharged from hospital after recovery. This is the 2019 nCoV Geographical Distribution in Mainland China System -