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Apply the Residence Registration online in Shanghai

The Novel Coronavirus has now killed 1,921 people in China. It has infected 74,279 people on Feb 19, 2020, with over 1,000 cases outside mainland China. A total of 14,473 patients infected with the Novel Coronavirus had been discharged from hospital after recovery. This is the 2019 nCoV Geographical Distribution in Mainland China System – Real time update.

With a large number of workers coming back, businesses will resume operation one after another. Shanghai Public Security Bureau is providing fast-track services for foreigners on February 18, 2020, the meeting issued 6 measures on the management of exit-entry services for foreigners in Shanghai during the Novel Coronavirus epidemic.

Normally Foreigners would be required to go to the Public Security Bureau(PSB)in person to apply for residence registration, but now they could complete the process on line without leaving home to avoid crowds gathering risk.

Foreigners need urgent visa services due to the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, the EEAB(Exit-Entry Administration Bureau) will provide instant services for visa application and issuance.

Foreigners whose companies have terminated contracts early or whose visa or residence permit is due to expire while their companies are closed can apply for a stay visa which usually grants an extra month.

For the work permit, temporarily the EEAB cancel the restriction that “the extended business shall be submitted 30 days before the expiration of the permit”. The employer may submit online before the expiration of the license, and the recovery time shall be notified separately.

To make the process easier, the EEAB  provides instant services for visa or residence permit applications and issuance. This is the official website to apply the residence permit types.

This is the Shanghai official service system website for the Employer in Shanghai.

Belows are the 6 steps we have found to complete residence registration at home (NEW SYSTEM).

Self-help declaration for overseas personnel

Visit the website of Shanghai Overseas Personnel Declaration Official System directly or Scan the WECHAT QR code.

Register and log in

You should register your name  and log in the system.

Select document type

You should select your document type.

Upload your document and photo

Please upload your passport and the photos.

Fill in the address and date of arrival/departure

You should fill in the residence address in Shanghai and date of arrival/departure.

Check the letter of commitment and submit

Please check letter of commitment and submit carefully.

Declaration result

You could review the declaration result.

Print the Form

You should print the registration form of temporary residence.


  • If the system fails to verify your registration due to incomplete information or other technical reasons, please wait patiently as your case will be handled by our staff.
  • If you need your registration form immediately or the system says “Fail”, you’re advised to visit the local police station for registration.

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  1. Iamhere

    1. When this article is shared it mentions applying for a work permit or visa online but when you click it, the article actually discusses the residence registration.
    2. For a work permit, it can be applied for online and this is nothing new. It’s actually part of the standard process only they’ve temporarily eliminated the need to submit documents in person. The residence permit is as normal.
    3. Not all districts and not all apartment communities participate in online residence registration.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Thanks for your comments.
      Due to 2019 nCoV, the Shanghai EEAB provides Self-Help Declaration System for Overseas Personnel’s Accommodation Registration, allowing foreigners to register without leaving home. It is the first online application system in China. So the new system is very important for foreigners in Shanghai.
      For the work permit registration, foreigners can apply online but the version in Chinese. This article is about how to apply online.

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