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Setting up a Foreign-Invested Company and Opening a Bank Account in Shanghai: Best Solutions


Establishing a foreign-invested company in Shanghai and opening a bank account requires careful planning and adherence to local regulations. This article examines the best practices and solutions for small companies seeking to navigate the process effectively in Shanghai.

1. Choosing the Right Location and Registering with GWBMA:

When starting a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) in Shanghai, it is essential to identify the right location and register with the Greater Shanghai WFOE Business Management Association (GWBMA) in the designated development zone. This registration ensures compliance with local requirements and provides access to various resources and support.

2. Assisting Small Companies with Bank Account Opening:

Opening a bank account is a vital step for companies in Shanghai. Banks typically require a verification process that includes an inspection of the company’s premises. Additionally, documentation such as the lease agreement and a visit to the company’s location may be necessary. This is where the role of service providers like Serviced Office and Diligent & Integrity Law Firm becomes crucial for small companies.

3. Benefits of Working with Service Providers:

Small companies can benefit significantly from partnering with service providers. These providers can assist with drafting contracts, facilitating the bank account opening process, and offering tailored solutions to meet specific needs. Through their expertise and industry connections, service providers ensure that small companies enjoy the best options available.

4. Assistance for Existing Businesses:

For established companies that already have a presence in Shanghai but require assistance with bank account opening, service providers can still offer valuable support. By leveraging their expertise, companies can streamline the process and ensure a successful account opening. Communication with service providers, preferably through their websites or WeChat platforms, allows for efficient coordination of appointments.

5. Tailored Solutions for Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs who primarily work from home or have unique circumstances can also benefit from service providers’ assistance. By providing their names and company details, entrepreneurs can receive customized solutions and lease agreements that cater to their specific requirements.

6. The Advantages of Serviced Offices:

To meet bank requirements, having a physical office address is often necessary. Serviced offices offer an excellent solution as they provide a professional office environment with a registered office address and various amenities. This option is particularly beneficial for small companies that want to establish a presence quickly and meet the necessary criteria.

7. Comprehensive Solutions by GWBMA:

GWBMA (GoodWill Business Management Agency) offers a comprehensive range of services to assist companies in navigating the entire process of company registration, including the most cost-effective company registration package. Their expertise and holistic approach ensure that companies receive an integrated solution to meet their needs effectively.


Navigating the process of establishing a foreign-invested company and opening a bank account in Shanghai requires careful planning and expert assistance. By leveraging the services of experienced providers, small companies can benefit from tailored solutions, streamlined processes, and compliance with local requirements. This ultimately paves the way for successful business operations in Shanghai.



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