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How to use social media to sell your products in China?

China’s e-commerce is developing very rapidly. Both the elderly and children can easily purchase products on websites or applications, but how to make your products stand out quickly requires social media marketing.

Moving forward the premise step is to set up a Chinese company and apply the online store issued by certification bodies, such as the Tmall store (Taobao), Jingdong store, etc. If you don’t have a Chinese company and an Online store, you cannot sell products online as a foreigner.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is to sell your products through platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, TikTok, Xiaohongshu, Taobao Live, and Kwai Live.

Social Media List

Below I will introduce how to use Chinese social platforms to sell your products in China.

Why use Social Media Marketing?

According to the “China Internet Development Report 2020” released at the 19th China Internet Conference, according to specific data, by the end of 2019, the number of domestic mobile Internet users reached 1.319 billion people, accounting for 32.17% of the total global Internet users in the world. The scale of e-commerce transactions 34.81 trillion RMB, has occupied the first place in the global e-commerce market for many years.

For example, according to Chinese media reports, Li Jiaqi sold 15,000 lipsticks on Taobao live broadcast within 5 minutes, and actress Zhang Ting sold 256 million RMB in one night live broadcast on TikTok.

In addition, TikTok (Douyin) live broadcasts, Xiaohongshu article promotion, and the Bilibili video promotion, which are very effective in improving your brand image and sales.

How to choose a social platform for Marketing?

Social media marketing is mainly divided into the following three methods:

1. Live sales through traffic Influencers

This method is suitable for customers with sufficient funds and product preparation. Because it takes a lot of money to invite Internet Influencers, and it is a one-time sale of large quantities, not long-term natural traffic sales.

Below there are 3 Live sales platforms for traffic Influencers:


TikTok is very popular in the world, and the Chinese name is “Douyin”. Its user base is very large in China’s core cities. As of January 5, 2020, the number of daily active users of TikTok has exceeded 400 million. Meanwhile, most of the users are young people, as the target of product marketing promotion, who are very eager to consume.

Taobao Live

Taobao live broadcast is more targeted. During the live broadcast, these products will be cheaper than before, so a large number of users will buy. You only need to make a little less profit and your sales will increase greatly.

Kwai Live

Most of the users of this platform are middle-aged, so if your target demographic is middle-aged consumers, the real-time sales on this platform will be very good.


In addition to the above three live broadcast platforms, there are several relatively good large-scale live broadcast platforms in China. For example, DoYu live broadcast, Huya live broadcast, Bilibili live broadcast.

2. Product experience video

This method belongs to long-term social media marketing and is suitable for daily necessities such as cosmetics and clothing. The short-term effect may not be very good. When your fans accumulate, you can sell your products in large quantities.

You have two ways to do video promotion marketing.

a. Promotional marketing video was taken by myself

You need to find your video production partner and let him add Chinese subtitles to your video. Foreigners are doing video promotional products, which is very popular in China.

b. Ask a partner to help you shoot a promotional video

You only need to provide the product and its features, and he will help you make the video and promote the release, you only need to pay him.

3. Product experience articles platform

Today, the most important thing in social media marketing is the truth for the Chinese people. Even if your product is flawed, you should not hide it with your fans. So, you can use these App to improve the Marketing influence.

Xiaohongshu (小红书)

On Xiaohongshu, the real consumption experience of tens of millions of users has been integrated into the world’s largest consumer reputation database, making Xiaohongshu a “think tank” that the brand values.

L’Oréal Chief User Officer Stephane Wilmet said:

At Xiaohongshu, we can directly listen to the real voice of consumers. True word-of-mouth is the most solid link between the brand and consumers.

Lukou (路口)

Lukou app is a Chinese shopping community where users can shop for goods, organize groups, find discounts, post orders, chat, and share life fun. Therefore, if you do product marketing articles, you can also pay attention to this platform and do your own product promotion and drainage here.

Meilishuo (美丽说)

Meilishuo is a fashion consumer brand for white-collar women in China. It currently has more than 100 million female registered users, 58.3% of which are young white-collar workers aged 23-30, and more than 75% of users have monthly household income of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan Between RMB.

Social media marketing article and video quality assurance

There are a lot of marketing articles and videos on Chinese social media every day. For your articles and videos to stand out, they must include the following points as much as possible.

  1. Truth
  2. Quality
  3. Funny
  4. Novel


Chinese users hate being deceived. When writing marketing articles or making marketing videos, please do not add false content, otherwise, if discovered, you will not be able to sell any products in China!


High-quality marketing articles or videos will attract a group of more professional customers to buy your products.


Interesting promotion videos or articles will make customers forward to WeChat Moments spontaneously. In China, users spontaneous forwarding articles or videos have a proper word called “自来水”, which means tap water (automatically release water). If your article or video is fascinating, the broadcast volume will be extremely scary. Normally, a famous article or video may reach 1 million or 2 million views, and your fans will increase by hundreds of thousands immediately.

Vitality and freshness

If you are a foreigner posting an article or video on a Chinese social platform, it will attract the attention of many Chinese. For example, there are many foreigners on Bilibili (China Youtube) and they have thousands of fans. Certainly, these foreigners do not understand Chinese, but if you can make a video in Chinese, the Chinese will think you are sincere. They will think you are honest and trusted, and the products which you advertise have good quality.

Need to publish videos or articles on many social media?

First of all, Chinese people have a sense of belonging. If you are just starting to do social media marketing in China, it is recommended to publish content on multiple platforms, but focus on one or two platforms to answer fans questions.

Chinese people like to communicate with video bloggers, you need to interact with them as much as possible.


If you want to sell your products in China, you can work with the Chinese team to publish product promotion articles and videos on many social platforms. At the same time, you can broadcast live on the live broadcast platform on weekends.

Before selling your products in China, you need to register a company for online sales in China.

If you want to know how to use WeChat to promote and sell your products, please add our WeChat, we will send it to WeChat Moments as soon as we finish making it. This is a kind of social media marketing : )

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