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How to get an Invitation letter | PU letter in China

A lot of people ask me how to come to China during the period of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The answer is: It’s very complicated, you have to apply for the Invitation letter (PU letter or TE letter) in China. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about PU letter applications in Shanghai.

How to come to China?

Since the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the world, China government has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals holding visas or residence permits still valid to the time of this announcement, effective from 28 March 2020. Only the foreigners who engage in necessary reasons (economic, trade, scientific, or technological activities, as well as for urgent humanitarian assistance) have the chance to come to China.  

According to the announcement, the foreigners need to apply for an Invitation Letter (PU Letter) issued by the China Foreign Affairs Office, but the Official Office has strict standards for judging whether it is necessary to come to China or not. Usually, only the senior managers of Medium and Large Enterprises or the technique researchers of key projects have a chance of getting approval from the Government.

Even if the foreigners who are allowed to enter China are required to present a nucleic acid test report authorized by the Chinese government within 5 days before entering China to board the airplane. When foreigners enter Mainland China, they also need to be quarantined for 14 days as the observation period is mandated by China‘s Health Authorities.  You can read this article to know the Specific announcements of the negative COVID Test before flying to China and the Countries list.

In 2021, more and more cities and provinces in China have started to adopt the new 14+7 policy, which means the Foreign Arrivals will be tested for COVID-19 a total of 4 times. The nucleic acid test is performed on the first, 7th, 14th – and then again on the 21st day after entry.

What is the PU letter Application process?

PU letter is the invitation letter issued by the Foreign Affairs Office or Commission of Commerce in Shanghai. That means, If you need to apply for the PU letter, the following steps are necessary.

For the Registered Company in Shanghai:

  1. Contact the Foreign Affairs Office in the district of the company’s registered place (Company Business License), the staff of the Foreign Affairs Office will give you the contact information of relevant personnel.
  2. Submit the application Letter in Chinese to the relevant personnel and the government will examine and verify the company information.
    The application letter is the most important issue for the Invitation letter (PU), you should have excellent Chinese (Mandarin) writing ability to explain the reason.
    This is the template of the Application letter for the PU letter.
    application form for PU letter
  3. After the approval of relevant personnel in the district, you should submit the photocopy of the foreigner’s passport, the information sheet for coming to China, the schedule of the itinerary, and other materials required by the government for approval by the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office.
  4. After the PU invitation letter is issued, you should send it to the foreign applicant. This is an example of PU letter issued by the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office.
    PU letter in Shanghai
  5. Foreigners take it to the Chinese Consulate/Embassy to apply for the M visa.

For the Family:

Foreign family members can also apply for the invitation letter (PU letter) separately to come to China, to go to school in China (for example foreign children), or to take care of the daily life of the employed (such as wife, parents, etc.). In other words, foreign family members can apply to return to China, and the family can finally reunite.

The telephone number of the Foreign Affairs Office:

In this list, you can call the Foreign Affairs Offices in different Districts of Shanghai according to the address of your Business License.

PuDong:28282640 JinShan: 57921316
HongKou: 25658888 PuTuo: 52564588*7032
ChongMing: 59612211 JingAn: 33371830
QingPu: 69733065 MinHang: 33885231
JiaDing: 69989128 HuangPu: 33134800*31086
ChangNing: 22051409 FengXian: 67184258
SongJiang:37735271 YangPu: 25033655
Bao Shan: 56131350 Xu Hui: 64872222


If your corporation belongs to another province or city, please check the major list of Foreign Affairs Office or Commission of Commerce in China.

Which documents do you need to prepare?

  1. The Application Letter from the company

    The Foreign Affairs Office will provide the corresponding template. This application letter is very important for PU letter examination. You must explain the comprehensive purpose of the invitation.

    Tips: If the family members are invited separately, you should explain that your employee work in China and the necessary reason for inviting the family members.

  2. Application Information Form

    This form is very important, you should fill in Chinese correctly. If not, the application for PU letter will be rejected. The Foreign Affairs Office will provide the Chinese template.

    China PU letter application form
    PU letter application form for the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office.
  3. Company Information Form

    Foreign Affairs Office will provide the template.

  4. Scanned Photocopy of the passport 

    Scanned Photocopy of the basic information of the passport of the person to be invited. The passport must be valid for more than 6 months.

  5. Family relationship certificate

    If the PU application applicants include family members, you need to provide the family relationship certificate, including the marriage certificate or birth certificate of the child. If the versions are not in English, you need to prepare the Chinese translations and the notarizations.

  6. Enterprise information background Form

    Foreign Affairs Office will provide the template.

  7. Other documents which are deemed necessary needed

    Please check with your local district of the Foreign Affairs Office.

How to improve PU letter pass rate in China

The chance of failure is high for the PU letter application pass rate. Due to the Policy of temporarily suspending entry into China, it is best that the entity which applies the PU letter is a High-technology enterprise in China. That means, the High-tech Companies don’t have to provide complete tax records in the past year for the Foreign Affairs Office.

If you have a WFOE without the High-technology certificate in China, you’d better provide the tax records in the past year to the Foreign Affairs Office.

For the Annual Report of your company, you can visit the official website by using the Electronic Business License and the code of CA to download the documents.

China Company credit Platform

If you have any questions about accounting, bookkeeping, and tax in China, please contact our experts to help you.

The latest Entry visa Policy in China

On September 23, 2020, the Government released the Announcement on Entry by Foreign Nationals Holding Valid Chinese Residence Permits of Three Categories. It means that foreigners with valid residence permits for work, personal matters, and reunion, would be allowed to enter China without needing to re-apply starting from 0 a.m., September 28, 2020.

Generally, if your residence permits had expired after March 28, 2020, you don’t need an invitation letter. You could re-apply for relevant visas with expired residence permits to the Chinese embassies or consulates. The re-application had to be on the condition that the purpose of the holders’ visit to China remained unchanged.

From 15th, March 2021, if you have been inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines produced in China, the Invitation Letter (PU/TE) is no longer required if you want to enter Mainland China.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in the different countries will provide the following facilitation for visa applicants inoculated with Chinese COVID-19 vaccines (having taken either two doses of inactivated vaccines with the stipulated gap in between, or a single-dose vaccine at least 14 days prior to the application).

North America

United States, Canada

European countries list:

Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Slovakia, Belarus, Italy, Germany, UK, Norway, Danmark, Serbia, Sweden, France

Asian countries list:

Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Israel, Philippines, Vietnam

Africa countries list:


However, in order to promote international economic development, we expect the policy to ease further in more countries.

Tips: Different Chinese Embassies/Consulates in different countries have slightly different notices. Please confirm with the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Frequent Questions for the PU letter in Shanghai.

Q1: Do all foreigners have to apply for an invitation letter (Pu letter) at this moment?

Answer: Because the “temporarily suspend the entry into China” Policy take effect on 28th March 2020, foreigners in most countries who want to come to China, need to apply for a brand new visa from the Chinese Consulate outside, and the PU Letter is the most important document issued by China Foreign Affair Office.

On August 10th, 2020, the Chinese Government announced the new policy,  foreigners in European countries (List above)who hold relevant Chinese valid residence permits can apply to the embassies and consulates in their countries for a new visa to return to China.

Q2: I work for the Shanghai company and I have been overseas due to the COVID-19, how can I return to work in China?

Answer: First, please make sure that your work permit is still valid. Secondly, ask your company colleagues in Shanghai to apply for the invitation letter (PU letter) for you. After getting the PU letter, you can directly apply for M visa at the  Chinese Embassy and consulate in your country. After entry into China, if your previous work visa is still valid, you can continue to work. If it has expired, but your work permit has been extended, you can change your M visa to Work Permit, and then you can work legally in Shanghai.

Q3: I am currently working in Shanghai, and my family members are still overseas due to the COVID-19, How can we reunite?

Answer: You can ask the employer of your company to apply for the invitation letter (PU letter) for your family members according to the above application process. After receiving the visa, the family members can apply for M or S1 or Q1 visa. After entering China, you can apply for a residence permit for family members.

Q4: How long does it take to process the invitation letter (PU letter)? Is it a good chance to get it or not?

Answer: It’s about one month. It is difficult to apply the PU letter, but anyway, you have to try.

Q5: Do foreigners need to be isolated for 14 days after entering Shanghai? If it is isolated for 14 days, is it a location designated by the government?

Answer: Yes, the foreigners still need to be quarantined for 14 days and quarantine in the government-designated location.

Q6: What should I pay special attention to when applying for an invitation PU letter?

Answer: The visa location on the invitation letter (PU letter) is a fixed location, that is, you must choose the Chinese Embassy or Console to determine your visa application location in advance.

Q7: If the residence permit was issued before March 28th and it is still valid, should I need the PU Invitation Letter?

Answer: Different countries have different policies for the PU/TE letters, and the government policies are changing every month. You should focus on our website and we’ll tell you the news every day.

Q8:If receive a notification letter of a foreigner’s Work Permit in China, should I need the PU/TE invitation letter?

Answer: The notification letter of a foreigner’s work Permit is for the Z Visa by the Chinese Embassy or consulate. When you come to China, you should apply for a work permit and residence permit in the city where you are working.


As far as we know, China has not relaxed the application conditions for PU letters for the other countries, and the pass rate has not increased significantly. The small companies will be refused and suspended in their PU letter applications in the second step. But, if you really need to come to Mainland China, why not try? The sooner you apply, the better it will be.


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  1. sami

    I’m a qualified English teacher, can the school i work for make the PU letter for me?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Yes, If you are an English Teacher in China, you can ask your School to apply PU letter for you.

      1. Basedboy

        Dear Baseinshanghai community, I would like to ask one question regarding privacy during application for PU letter. I’ve got one PU letter half a year ago in Zhejiang, but couldn’t get into China. Recently I have offer from another company in Suzhou, and they’re applying for PU letter. Can Foreign Affair Office tell them about my previous PU? Thank you in advance

        1. BaseInShanghai

          Normally, if you get the PU letter, you can return to China because the FAO will send the PU letter to the Chinese Embassy in your country. So, you need to contact the Chinese Embassy directly.

          1. Basedboy

            sorry, probably I didn’t write clearly.
            I got a PU letter previously with one company half a year ago, and now the new company in a different province is applying for a new PU letter. Is there any chance that FAO tells them about my previous PU letter?

          2. BaseInShanghai

            If you received the PU letter but didn’t come to China. Now, your new company needs to apply for another PU letter in another province. China is a big country and the FAO bureau in each region is independent. Good luck.

    2. Priya

      Already I have a PU letter in hand of a company. I got another offer they also apply for PU letter in China now. Is they issue second PU letter. With first PU letter still I didn’t apply for visa.

      1. BaseInShanghai

        The PU letter application is very complicated for the company employer. The pass rate is low. So if you are looking for a job, you need to understand your rights.

  2. Shally Maranan

    I have already an approved work permit thru online application, can my employer now apply a PU letter for me so I can go back now to China? How long will it take?
    Thank you.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      At present, it is hard to pass the PU letter for your company.
      The High-technology enterprise is better. Good luck!

      1. sadira reman

        i have agent who does help me shopping around markets and do cargo for me ,can he apply for pu letter for me?

        1. BaseInShanghai

          Yes, if your agency is one Chinese company. He has the right to apply for the PU letter. But now, the pass rate is very low unless you are the staff of this company.

    2. Anne

      I got my z visa on february 27,2020 and got expired on May 27,2020 and i didnt made it to flight in China..Do i need to renew my visa and need to apply PU letter for renewal?

      1. BaseInShanghai

        Yes, you need to contact the Chinese Company that applies for PU letter.

  3. Imran

    What is difference between PU letter and TE invitation letter

    1. BaseInShanghai

      PU or TE letter depends on the purpose of coming to China.
      Normally, PU letter is to apply for the M or Z Visa, or Q1/Q2 Visa(Commerce Trading/working). TE letter is to apply for the Visa F (Communication/Vist/Investigation).
      Sometimes, different countries need different Invitation letters issued by the Chinese Government.

  4. Bud

    I have a Z work permit visa good until March 19th, 2021. Is this visa still valid to enter China now, December, 2020?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Where are you from? Please read the new policy for the PU letter.

  5. Chandra

    Can you help me to apply PU letter. I need to visit some factory but they not willing to help me to apply PU letter

    1. BaseInShanghai

      If you want to apply for the PU letter, you need to find a job in China or set up a company. Only the Chinese company can apply for the PU or TE letter.

  6. Jason

    I am from Singapore and wonder if the PU letter is applicable for my country? Or is just a valid residence permit sufficient? Thank you!

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Singapore is the same, your company needs to apply for the PU letter for you.

  7. David

    I worked 12 Years in China and my residence and work permit expired last year in November and I returned to Germany.
    Now the company I worked for in the past ( not the last company) wants to hire me back. Do I need to apply for the PU letter
    or does my expired documents from last year are enough?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Yes, in this case, the Chinese company needs to apply for PU letter.

  8. Saurav

    My work permit and residence permit expires in June 2020, can I apply PU letter?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Where are you now? Only the Chinese Company can apply for PU letter.

      1. Saurav

        I am in my home country now (India). Can new company still apply for PU letter? not the previous one.

  9. Francisco Javier

    Hello I am a Mexican citizen currently in Mexico. I import elextronics for the school I work. Can the company supplier in China apply for my PU letter and are Mexicans allowed to use it.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Yes, your Chinese supplier can apply for PU letter in the FAO but the pass rate is very low in March.

  10. Kadek Erni Ristian

    Hello good afternoon.
    i’m in Indonesia now my residents work permitted me still apply until 2021 September 30
    Do I need PU Letter to return to China?
    Thank you.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Yes, you need the PU letter. The Chinese company you are working for can apply for you.

    2. Christian

      I work for a relativ big company (20.000 employees) and we are building a new factory in Shanghai. I have the task to support the ramp-up of this new factory.
      What do you think are my chances to get an invitation lettter?

      Kind regards

  11. clovis

    This is a joke. They accept now people who have been inoculated with the Chinese Vaccine, but the problem is that it is not available in most of the listed countries. hahahahah

    1. BaseInShanghai

      The United States decreed the ban on exporting vaccines to other countries. But China has pledged to send roughly half a billion doses to 45 countries, according to the Associated Press. As of mid-February, China reportedly shipped over 46 million doses of Chinese-made vaccines abroad. China has made great efforts and contributions.
      So, this is your idea of a joke.

      1. clovis

        Almost a month and the vaccines are still not available in the countries they listed. Where are the 46 million doses? The move was just to force those countries to buy chinese-made vaccines, not to actually help.

        1. BaseInShanghai

          China has 1.4 billion people, but how many people have been vaccinated? Everybody needs the Vaccines but only one in ten people get.

          You need to respect the country that can offer the Vaccines for the other countries!

          1. clovis

            Another month and half has passed and no sign of any vaccine, this latest move was simply a joke to sell vaccines that work half of the time. I’m taking a Pfizer’s now, because there is no sign of China’s vaccine.

          2. BaseInShanghai

            Nothing personal, but I don’t agree your opinion. The Chinese vaccine need to get the approval by your country and it takes long term testing period in some countries. For example, there is no Vaccine product made in China in France.

  12. Caroline

    I have been offered a job in China and have gathered all my documents. Now the school have advised me that the chance of getting me visa approved is very low. How can I improve this, does it depend where you come from and which part of China you are going to? Is there a shortage of English teachers in certain areas of China?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Yes, China is a big country. So It is urgent to change the situation of rural high school English education. In this case, you should ask the school to apply for the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s work permit in Foreign Expert Affairs and then apply for the PU letter from the FAO.

      1. Kenneth

        Hi, I was told by the school that the process to acquire Foreigner work permit and PU letter cost 30,000RMB? is that true?

  13. Netmae

    Do teachers who will work as a first timer in China still needs a PU letter even if they were inoculated by the Chinese vaccine already? or PU letter is not needed anymore?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Where are you from? Normally if you inoculated Covid-19 Vaccines made in China, you don’t need the PU letter to come to China.

  14. waqas

    I need little help.
    I changed my company from Shenzhen to shanghai recently. I got the new work permit in shanghai but the told me to exit china for residence permit as my first entry in china was on student Visa. Now when my company is trying to apply for PU letter, They have asked to submit work permit notification Letter.
    I don’t understand how can i get that letter while i have a valid work permit with same company?
    Also is it possible to apply for Work permit notification letter while having a valid work permit ?
    Looking forward for your kind response.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      It is a strange question. If you are in China and have a work permit, why you need to exit China for the Residence permit?
      Why you need the PU letter? You can add our Wechat QR to explain the details with the expert.

    2. BaseInShanghai

      If you have a valid Work permit in China, you don’t need to apply for the Work permit notification letter.

  15. Venkiteswaran Ts

    Is Chinese Covid- 19 vaccine available in Nepal? If I take Chinese vaccination can I travel to china without PU letter from a Chinese company? I am from India

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Please contact the Chinese Embassy in Nepal to know the latest announcement.
      If you are from India, Yes. If you have been inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines produced in China, the Invitation Letter (PU/TE) is no longer required.

    2. PT

      yes Chinese vaccine is available Nepal

  16. laerte Fabiano de Mello

    I work 7 years in China I have work permit, but due to pandemic, i could not get into china, so my company ask me to work in their company in vietnam but now ask me to return to china but as my visa had expired, i am trying to renew the visa but with the PU letters, they denied said the company that work in china not and compatible with the requirements of PU LETTERS

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Only the Chinese company has the right to apply for PU letter for employees. In this case, firstly you need to contact your company to apply for the notification work permit in the FEA (Foreign Expert Affairs). Secondly, your company needs to contact the FAO for the PU letter.

  17. Louis

    I am currently based in shanghai with a residence and work permit valid till feb 2022.
    I saw the development regarding the PU Letter in order for my wife to join me based in Singapore.
    However, given that the chinese vaccine are not yet approved by authority in Singapore and Singapore is not yet listed as a location whom can apply for visa without PU letter even when my wife can be innoculated with chinese vaccine.
    Do you have any indication whether there will be any relaxation of opening for PU letter even without Chinese Vaccine?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      In Feb, the first batch of Chinese Sinovac vaccine purchased by the Singaporean government arrived in Singapore. Your wife can get the Chinese COVID-19 vaccines. Btw, I don’t think that China will open the door without PU letter.

  18. Mari

    I’m based in Iran and my husband lives in Shanghai. He also has resident permit visa.
    My question is: how can I come to China and visit my husband?
    Is it possible he send me an invitation?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Recently, it is very difficult to apply for PU letter as a family member even if your husband works in Shanghai.

      1. YH

        hello is there any update regarding this ? or are they more lax about allowing family members visit?

          1. Bob

            Unless the family members have been vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine, correct?

          2. Bob

            If wife and kids received Chinese vaccines, what other documents needed to apply for visa? Husband’s PU letter? Thanks.

  19. Dhita Triana


    I need help, our manager is going to china and on a trip in the near future. is there a contact and a way to be able to make a PU Letter in a short time? because this is very urgent.

    Thank you

    1. BaseInShanghai

      No, it is the special Period because of COVID-19, please contact your Chinese supplier to apply for the PU letter for him.

  20. Johnson

    Hello, I am Indian national, currently working in Shanghai and my visa valid until Feb 2022. I stayed in China from my last entry on March 6th 2020, and I didn’t travel to any other countries until now.
    I am going visit my family in Abu Dhabi, is that possible to come back to China. There any restrictions for Indian passport?
    Thank you

    1. BaseInShanghai

      It’s best to be inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines in China,and please call the telephone number 12367 (Exit-Entry Bureau) and confirm how to come back to China.

  21. Ryan

    Hi. I worked as an English teacher. I registered a company and applied for a notification letter which I obtained successfully, thought I was asked to exit a country (since my FEC was on a different position, as an English teacher, and it had to be canceled) to apply for a new visa to come back to China, then apply for a new FEC as a manager of a company. So I did like this, but at the embassy, they denied my visa application since PU Letter was needed, moreover it’s needed from a Chinese company where owner is a Chinese resident, not a foreigner. And when I even figured out the details about PU Letter, my company was just a start up and not able to get that document.
    Eventually, I applied for a job with another company in a city where I registered my own company. They first quickly applied for a PU Letter which they kept renewing because they couldn’t apply for a notification letter of a work permit, because the Exit and Entry bureau told them I’m not qualified for a position of a manager in their company. What’s going on? That’s ridiculous! Can you help me out to arrange those documents? Currently, I’m trying to apply for a notification letter with a new company. I have enough of that experience and a master degree even!

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Normally, If the foreigner is in China, the Chinese company need to apply for a notification letter of a work permit firstly for the employees. After, the company need to apply for the PU letter in the FAO. This is the right process.

  22. NT

    I am incoming assistant professor in one of the top Chinese university (C3 league). My work permit notice is approved. Are the universities allowed to apply for PU letter for incoming overseas faculty?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Yes, the China Universities could apply for PU letter to the needs of Foreigner professors.

      1. Bob

        I’m expecting a job offer (associate professor) from a 985 university in north-west China. Can my wife and children also be issued PU letters (my kids will be home-schooled). I’ve heard that either PU letters or visas are NOT being issued for family members, during Covid.

  23. Asal

    Hi, I am a PhD student in Iran. I have an invitation letter from one of China universities to complete my 6 months sabbatical study. Is it possible for the university to apply for a PU letter for me?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      If the purpose is to complete the Sabbatical study, it is not easy to apply for the PU letter by the Chinese University.

  24. PT

    As I am already inoculated with Chinese vaccine, how would i apply for the visa, kindly reply..

  25. Alpha Diallo

    Hello, I would like to know if someone who is already in china can apply for PU invitation letter because he has a passport issue ?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      This answer is No. If someone is already in China, he/she doesn’t need to apply for PU letter for himself/herself.

  26. April

    Hi, please advise how long is the process of applying the PU letter from authority (from application submitted to receive of PU letter) for business travelers from European and Singapore? this application can be applied by counterpart in China on behalf? thank you.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Yes, only the Chinese corporation can apply for the PU/TE letter for the invitees. Normally, it only takes 20 – 35 wording days if you submit the application letter and related documents for the FAO. But, the pass rate is very very low, it means that you should apply for again and again.

  27. Nour

    I am a postdoctoral fellow in China, and before the pandemic, I had moved back to my country. I, unfortunately, was unable to return to China. As a result, my resident permit expired last August, but my work permit is still valid until the end of June, and my working contract will also end at the end of June. As long as I had my current work permit, recently I applied for and got a Z visa without requiring any special TE/PU letter. I want to transfer to another university in another province since my contract with my current university is coming to an end. Can I enter China with my current Z visa, and after arriving in China, can I complete the leaving process from my previous university and apply for a new work permit and resident permit at our new university? (considering the Z visa has only one month time after arriving to china)

    1. BaseInShanghai

      If the employer apply for the PU letter for you, normally you can get the PU letter. But, Unfortunately, now it is too late. In this case, it is almost impossible to change the Work permit and resident permit in one month because you are not in China.

  28. Brent

    I received a PU letter today, but my Work Permit Notification letter expired last week. Is it possible to request an extension-renewal of the Work Permit Notification letter without submitting all of the documentation again? It seems that the Embassy requires both a current PU letter and a current Work Permit Notification letter for a Z visa application (the former does not override the latter from what I understand).

    1. BaseInShanghai

      I think this is really weird. If you get the PU letter from China, normally you have the right to come to China. And you can renew the work permit in China. So, you need to contact the China embassy in your country.

  29. Bogdan

    I had 2 previous work visas on my passport (2.5 years and 1 year), in the education field. One expired in 2017 and another in 2018. In 2020 and 2021 before Covid 19, I was spending a lot of time in China (but not working) on my 10-year tourist visa. Overall, I spent 60 % of the time in China between 2015 and February 2021, more than 4 years total. Now I have the opportunity to apply for employment at an international high school (real international not pretend) in Shanghai. My family, including myself, are opposed to any vaccines, Chinese-made or from other countries. I also qualify for a corporate trainer office position at Shanghai companies. Considering my history and refusal to take any vaccine, what are the chances of getting a PU letter approved? Should I go for the international school, corporate position or more rural/small city location like Jiaxing or Fengxian suburbs? I may also qualify for an entry-level tech job (software, not hardware) since I have 2 years experience in that industry. Would this tech job give me higher PU letter success rate?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Dear Bogdan, I don’t understand why your family and yourself are opposed to any vaccines for the Covid-19. In fact, everybody in our firm has been inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines produced in China. So, in this case, you need to apply for the PU letter if you want to come to China, but you need to sign the Employment Contract with the Chinese Corporate.

  30. Dian Wu

    Hello, Im from Indonesia… Is the medical Purpose can also possible to get An Invitation letter PU ???? I need to sent off my father to fix his Heart problems as soon as possible because it’s getting worse day by day… and For the information We are new to try medical purpose in China, it’s our first time. Is it possible to entry China by that condition ? and how to get it ???

    1. BaseInShanghai

      I’m sorry to know your father’s medical condition. If you can connect with Chinese hospitals and confirm the Operation time with the hospital, you can apply for PU letter as urgent humanitarian assistance.
      I hope he’ll soon get over the illness.

  31. Kat

    Hello, can you advise if an airline pilot will need PU/TE Invitation letter ? Our airline is in the planning process of arranging regular cargo flights to/from China.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Normally, you don’t need the PU/TE letter if you are the Pilot of the cargo Fights. Please contact the CAAC to know the details.

  32. Bogdan

    Your meaning is that without a vaccine I must apply for a corporate training or programming job first? And if the corporate/programming job is not suitable I can switch to an education position after that? …. but if I change to a teaching position am I still required to take the vaccine? OR vaccine requirements depend on the school?.. Thanks! : )

    1. BaseInShanghai

      I have already answered your question. Whatever it is a School or company, the Chinese corporate needs to apply for the PU letter for you.

  33. Abraham

    My company applied for the PU Letter for me and it is predicted to be issued within the next two weeks.

    In the meantime, I have the opportunity to get vaccinated in my home country. Coronavac or other chinese-made vaccines are not available here, and I was recommended the Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine because it is a one-shot only. However, the immune reaction may show up in the IgM test(also required along with the RTPCR test to travel to China). Is there any problem in this case? Will they deny my entry or my flight because of foreign vaccines?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Recently, you should be administered the Chinese Vaccines, but the Coronavirus Vaccines made in China need to be approved in your country. Please contact the Chinese Embassy in your country.

      1. Abraham

        I think you didn’t understand my question. The vaccination and travelling to China are not connected to each other. The PU letter application is being processed right now as my company applied for it. And I received the information from my government that I can take the Johnson vaccine if I want. But anyway I will contact the embassy.

        1. BaseInShanghai

          In fact, whatever the Visa L or Visa Mi, if you want to travel to China, you need to apply for the PU letter. Hence, because different countries have different rules for Chinese Vaccines, you need to contact the Chinese Embassy in your country.

          1. Abraham

            I’m not taking a chinese vaccine, that’s the point. I have the opportunity to take a Johnson’s vaccine in my country, because it is a one-shot vaccine, which is better for my particular health situation. I found out with the local embassy that they will consider positive values in the IgM exam if you were vaccinated and make a decision. I didn’t like the tone in the embassy’s answer, it seems they can deny the visa if you’re immunized with non-chinese vaccines, which is counter productive, so I’m thinking now not to vaccinate if it risks being denied travel. What a world!

          2. BaseInShanghai

            “No country safe until all countries are safe.”

  34. Dou Xiabao

    Is the PU letter needed after the visa application? The embassy gave me back the passport with the visa, but they didn’t return me the PU letter. When I get to China next week for the quarantine in Shanghai, will authorities ask for it or just the visa??

    1. BaseInShanghai

      It has different requirements in different countries for PU letter.

  35. BOTAN

    Hi there, I have company in china my permit visa expired yesterday I applied for visa from Chinese consulate in Morocco the accepted my passport and my wife but the didn’t accept my daughter passport she’s just 15 months old the said you should make PU invitation for her before 3 months I got S1 visa for her but there was not flight to China her visa expired, now where and how I can get PU visa for her , with many thanks

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Recently, China’s spiraling Delta variant outbreak has reached many cities which have gone into lockdown, while transport links in some areas have been cut. Chinese authorities have also vowed to “strictly restrict non-urgent, unnecessary cross-border travel,” including tightening the issuing of passports for Chinese citizens. Therefore, the PU letter application for the family is closed by FAO now. Please understand.

  36. Jessie

    All of this is so confusing…but you do have a lot of patience in answering the questions posed here. Maybe I missed something but the thing I cannot figure out is that so many recruiters and job posting for English Instructors outside of China are for young learners ONLY. I am an EAP teacher and teach University or College students but even extending my search to adult training schools or upper level high schools, I keep getting messages about primary jobs or kindergarten positions offering PU letters while the upper education sector is not. Are they not seeking teachings for more adult learners? And why is it so difficult to find jobs offering PU letters for highly experienced professionals which focus on higher education in China? Thanks in advance for any clarification you can offer.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      The education and training industry is a special business activity in China. And there are many foreign Teachers in Shanghai now, In this case, you need to find a job in the University as a recruiter, they can help you to apply for the Z visa.

  37. Cathy

    Hi. I have been waiting almost 2.5 months for a PU letter from Shenzhen. Should I keep waiting or should I assume the application has been rejected, in which case I should stop clinging to hope. Thanks!

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Please call the FAO in Shenzhen to ask for the result of your PU application, normally your company should know. Good luck.

  38. fereshteh

    Hi , could you tell me that how many should i pay for getting TE ?

    1. BaseInShanghai

      The PU/TE application is not a normal service in China, the company needs to tell us the information in detail for the applicants.

  39. DidemP

    Any news on issuing PU letters for dependents by Shanghai FAO?

    My husband is on Z visa and working in an international school in Shanghai. I’m in Turkey now, and received my work permit notification letter last week and I’m also vaccinated with 3 doses of Sinovac. I can apply for a Z visa, but I have a 3 year-old son with me. The consulate required me to get a PU letter for him as he is too young to get vaccinated.

    It seems that China successfully managed to control the latest Delta outbreak, and the 2-doses of vaccination rates seems to be promising for the future. Should I be hopeful? This situation is killing us, and we definitely seek for a family reunion as soon as possible. I accept all kinds of quarantine conditions or measures, and praying for easing these requirements for our children.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      The answer of the Consulate in Turkey is the regulation for this country, so you need to contact the Shanghai School to apply for the PU letter for your family.

    2. BaseInShanghai

      The answer of the Consulate in Turkey is the regulation for this country, so you need to contact Shanghai School to apply for the PU letter for your family.

  40. A.E.

    Looking to come to Shanghai/Ningbo to monitor a manufacturing run for a few months (~2,000,000 Rmb) asap, are trade (M) visas currently being issued? Will be coming from UK. Thanks.

    1. BaseInShanghai

      Only the Chinese corporation has the right to apply for the PU/TE letter for the visitor. Recently, the PU letter application is very difficult in September except for the Famous company in China, especially for the M visa.

  41. Muhammad Ilyas muneem

    hi this is Muhammad Ilyas muneem from Karachi,Pakistan as your article I understand there is no need TE LETTER if we have insoluted Chinese vaccine but I went Today to submission visa they are asking TE LETTER …even in Islamabad they don’t need but in Karachi they need …please kindly help me to solve this issue

    1. BaseInShanghai

      If the China Embassy in Islamabad talked you that you don’t need the TE letter, you can go there to apply for the China Visa. Not all countries in the world do not need PU/TE letters even if the invitee is injected with the Chinese vaccine.

  42. Paul

    Hello, I just received my PU letter. The next step is to submit to the consulate I’m located. I wonder what is the success rate to get the Visa (M) at this point? thanks

  43. B C

    I got my ‘R’ visa a month ago, and my family has applied for S2 visas. My ‘R’ visa was free, and I heard that my family’s S2 visas should also be free. Can you share a link to some document stating that the S2 visas should be free? This way I can show it to the Chinese visa center in my country. Thank you in advance.

  44. Naez

    Anyone lnow a good agent who can help me to get PU lette?
    Really wechat :15536823673

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