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The Top 8 Pop-up Stores in Shanghai

Pop-up store is a new format of retail, features its eye-catching decorations and innovative promotional activities. This edgy type of flash retailing now is adopted by numerous brands to expose their products or services to customers and build an effective interaction between them by well-designed public events.

For foreign company who currently don’t have a physical presence in China’s market, but hold the intention to gain popularity and familiarize Chinese customers with its products and brand image. Pop-up store will definitely be among the best options.

The choice of venues is undoubtedly the most crucial step in the set-up of a pop-up store.

In this article, we pick up 8 hottest spots for Pop-up Stores in Shanghai:

After providing assistance in the operation of several Laduree pop-up events, GWBMA has developed expertise in pop-up operation of F&B brands, which demands a more complex approval process than events of other industries.

If you plan to open a pop-up store in Shanghai, please contact our business consultant Cindy:

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Pop-up store in Jingan Kerry Centre

1515 Nanjing West Road

A couple of minutes away from Jingan Temple, Jingan Kerry Centre spreads across three towers with high-end brands including Emporio Armani, Loewe and Burberry, as well as an eclectic mix of stores such as a jigsaw puzzle shop, a mobile tech store, quirky interior design shops and a gallery.

As one of the biggest commercial complexes in Jingan District, apart from a good time of shopping. JAKC offers customers with Premiere Cinema and multiple cozy food options, including Element Fresh, Shake Shack and classy restaurant like Jade Garden. And don’t forget the supermarket Ole. In addition, many tiny and chic exhibitions have chosen this venue to meet the public, which attracts many customers to take photos and post them on the internet.

With its elegant indoor decoration and its perfect service facilities, Jingan Kerry Centre has become a hot pie for brands with the same style to hold their image with the intention of building a delicate and luxury brand image.

GWBMA has assisted in the Pop-up store of French renowned pastry brand Ladurée and has successfully attracted passenger flow for both the brand and the mall. In this event, Ladurée has seen a strong engagement of customers and gained expected feedbacks from their target customers.


In addition, when it comes to festival events, the venue holder prefers the form of bazaar who can easily build interaction with the public. Its newly opened Nature-themed night market Green Escape, located on Anyi street, has become a popular topic on social media, absolutely a MUST for night visit on weekends. It might be a new choice for an outdoor pop-up who is looking for a warm ambience to give a relaxing customer experience.

Pop-up store in Shanghai K11 Art Mall

300 Huaihai Mid Road

Huaihai Road, located in the heart of Shanghai, is a traditional international fashion business zone of the city, who has witnessed every amazing leap of this dynamic metropolis in a century.

K11, leading name in the world in integrating art, humanity and nature, has brought out various brands with an unlimitedly creative, free and personalized lifestyle. With a combination of interactions in art appreciation, humanistic experience, K11 aims to give an unprecedented sensory experience to every customer.


Pop-up store of Sloggi

Pop-up store in IAPM

999 Huaihai Middle Road

The IAPM mall is located in the business district of South Shaanxi Road, Huaihai Middle Road. The overall style of IAPM shopping mall is modern and fashionable. It owns a complexity of international retail, catering, and leisure entertainment brands, and cooperates with art performances and brand promotion activities to create a new edgy landmark.

Pop-up store of Coach

Pop-up store in Jiuguang City Plaza

1618 Nanjing West Road

Next to the Jing’an Temple, Jiuguang City Plaza owns an underground food court, which connects with the entrance to No.2 subway of the Jingan Temple, providing convenience for the visitors to do sightseeing and shopping.

The first floor brings together world-leading cosmetic brands from Europe and the USA. The second floor is mainly jewelry, and the third to sixth floors mainly sell clothing, bags and children’s products. There is a special sale venue on the seventh floor where many well-known brands make attracting discounts.

Pop-up store in Plaza 66

Address:1266 West Nanjing Road

Plaza 66 is a commercial and office complex in Shanghai, consisting of a shopping mall and two skyscrapers.  There is a department store from the first floor to the fifth floor containing high-end brands. Many fashion brands have chosen this department store as the location for their flagship stores in Shanghai,  including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Celine, Escada, Bvlgari, Fendi, Loewe, Prada, Versace and Lanvin.

Plaza 66’s exquisite luxury is seen from the boutique decoration and installation of brands from the first floor to the fourth. It has delicately created a fashion taste from the outside to the inside in every boutique of every brand in every detail. Exquisite porcelain, luxurious and comfortable decoration facilities, shining crystals, fitness equipment that closely follow the trend of the times. And they all reflect plaza’s design concept it conveys and the trendy and elegant lifestyle it wants to bring to the public.

Pop-up store of FENDI BAGUETTE

Pop-up store in Raffles City

268 Xizang Middle Road

The project is located in the center of Shanghai, next to People’s Square and Raffles City Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, and close to Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Municipal Government. Raffles City is in the traffic hub of Puxi and is the intersection of 3 subway lines.

Since opening, with rich experience in retail industry management, the mall operation managers have selected carefully the visual style and theme of each floor, and the latest products that reflect the best strong singularities and fashion opinions. Follow the international trend, Raffles City has become one of the top shopping malls in Shanghai, especially for young fashionistas. At Raffles, while dazzling with a variety of fashionable clothing, you can also taste exquisite snacks of different styles, enjoy regional cuisine with different flavors. And you can immerse yourself in fitness sports, linger in eye-catching promotional activities of brands.

Dream Cloud Nine Shopping Mall (Changning DIST.)

1018 Changning Road

Located on the west side of Zhongshan Park in Changning District, with its unique design and superior location, it has become an important transportation hub in the west of Shanghai.

Dream Cloud Nine Shopping Mall is committed to building civilian shopping malls to meet all daily life and entertainment needs of the public.

Pop-up store of Chinese cosmetic brand Marie Dalgar

HKRI Taikoo Hui

789 Nanjing West Road

Located at a prime location on Nanjing Road (West), one of Shanghai’s major shopping thoroughfares. HKRI Taikoo Hui aims to transform the neighborhood and create a new business, shopping and entertainment hub in the city. This large-scale mixed-use development comprises a retail mall, two office towers, three hotels and serviced apartments.


Pop-up exhibition of Gucci

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