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Ladurée Pop-Up Store In Shanghai in 2019

Ladurée is a world-renowned French luxury patisserie, founded in Paris in 1862. The acclaimed house rose into fame with their exquisite selection of viennoiseries and pastries – most notably, however, for their creation of the macaron.

Described as a biscuit with a delicate and crisp shell with a smooth ganache or jam filling, they come in a variety of classical and creative flavours. Ladurée’s macarons are often not mixed with more than two or three flavours to give each macaron a more pronounced taste.

The story of the Ladurée macaron starts in the middle of the 20th century with Pierre Desfontaines, Louis Ernest Ladurée’s second cousin,who first thought of taking two macaron shells and joining them with a delicious ganache filling. Since then, the recipe has not changed.

In this May, this exquisite French taste was introduced in the form of a Pop-up store by its Chinese brand side, in one of World’s dynamic cities – Shanghai. Symbolic macaron chariot with dreamy white merry-go-round and pink-and-white ocean balls full of summer passion…It was the first time for this classic French brand to be interpreted towards Chinese customers in such a creative and unique way. Sweatiness in pop craziness!!

Summer days has gone, but the heat never ends. September the 21st, Ladurée pop-up will come back to Shanghai again. In this golden autumn, she’s ready to bring you into her romantic and delicate French rendez-vous. For this time, Ladurée will meet the customers in one of the chicest malls – Jing An Kerry Centre, near to the Nanjing West Road. The little chariot is back with macarons fabricated and directly imported directly from France. 11 classic and most-loved flavors are chosen, along with the delicate gift boxes, offering you with the best and the sweetest experience ever. Apart from macarons, other beautiful gifts are also available, such as the cute golden king ring with various color at choice and cherry motif hand shopping bags.

Welcome to Ladurée Pop-up II in JAKC. Just one bite of the macaron, its lovely color and the magnificent texture will bring you straight back to the elegant and cozy quartier of Paris.

The event will last from September 21st to the October 31st. Please look forward to further information!!

After providing assistance in the operation of several pop-up events, BIS has developed expertise in pop-up operation of F&B brands, which demands a more complex approval process than events of other industries.

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    Palace Skateboards has announced plans to open a special pop-up store in Shanghai, which will be the first of its kind in China. The Shanghai Palace store will be located inside the city s labyrinth-like Arkham nightclub, one of the top underground clubs in Asia, and will also host the release of the upcoming  Juventus x adidas collaboration . Check out the teaser above. The British skate brand has been looking to expand its Asian presence sin ce the opening of its Tokyo store in 2018, which saw the release of a city-exclusive capsule that Chinese consumers can hope to anticipate at the new Shanghai store.

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