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Shanghai – the center of exhibition in Asia

Shanghai, located on China’s central coast, is a hub for global financial and commercial activities, bridging businesses between China and the world. Driven by such vigorous and passionate business climate, it becomes a major exhibition center in China, hosting thousands of exhibitions annually covering arts, recreation, business & trade, etc. As reported in 2019 White paper on Shanghai Convention and Exhibition industry, 1032 exhibitions of all kinds were held in 2018, and approximately contributed to a total industry income over 140 billion RMB.

Overview of exhibition industry in Shanghai

Shanghai as a pioneer in Chin market development and center for commercial activities, attracts both local and international leading companies from different industries. Benefiting from the commercial genetics built in with Shanghai, Shanghai is now the prime city for international brand exhibitions to enter Chinese market. So far Shanghai has owned 23 certified exhibition projects by Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), ranked the first in China. In addition, Shanghai tops China in terms of exhibition area and the number of exhibitions, reaching over 1 million square meters and 1032 exhibitions respectively.

The exhibitions in shanghai in 2019 ,please visit the schedule:

2019 Shanghai Exhibitions Schedule

Benefits of joining exhibitions in Shanghai

Attending exhibitions and trade show is nothing new but a conventional tool for companies to expand businesses and a platform for marketing with potential clients. Though the effectiveness of exhibitions is questioned by some due to the shifts from offline to online advertising through social media and search engine, there are still significant benefits by physically attending such events.

Raise brand awareness

Joining exhibitions in Shanghai provides companies the opportunity to rapidly raise brand awareness in China. Different from overseas market, China has its own internet ecosystem as the firewall blocks international internet services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Without comprehensive experience, it is extremely difficult for foreign companies to exploit brand exposure from the competitive social media in China. Exhibition is an effective alternative platform for companies to directly communicate with clients and forge a solid customer relationship with businesses in China.

Improve market understanding

Exhibitions gathering competitors under the same roof presents an opportunity for foreign companies to compare and study the price, products, and services of domestic Chinese companies. Also, communicating with potential consumers allow foreign companies to gain sufficient information about the needs and requirements of the Chinese market, based on which they can adjust their products and marketing strategies.

Major exhibitions in Shanghai 2019

China International Import Expo(CIIE)

The CIIE, is an international expo held on an annual basis in Shanghai which invites government, businesses, exhibitors and professional purchasers globally to participate in the importing of goods and services and explore Chinese market. It facilitates the cooperation between different countries and regions and provides a platform for companies to display their products, promote brands and find business partners in China. CIIE remarks the movement by Chinese government to continue support of trade liberalization and economic globalization. In 2019, it is held from 5th November to 10th November at National Exhibition and Convention Center, featuring an exhibition area over 270,000 square meters.CIIE 2019 attracts more than 180 countries & regions, 3893 enterprises and over 250 Global 500s, delivering a comprehensive and versatile fair for trade covering technology, lifestyle, vehicles, manufacturing, etc.


ProWine China 2019

ProWine China is China’s leading international trade fair for wine and spirits. Its first show was held in 2014 and since then has been successfully held once a year. Every year ProWine develops new highlights on wine industry, leads trend and assumes the role of expanding the Chinese wine market. It provides great business opportunities and rewarding offers between producers, dealers and usual consumers. By attending ProWine, both internaitonal wine and spirit industry participants benefit from establishing new contacts and sales network, as well as getting to know the Chinese market. In 2018 ProWine China welcomed 750 established wine producers and distributors from 39 countries, and concluded on high note with in total more than 18,000 visitors in three days. This year, ProWine will be held from 12th to 14th November at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

iFresh Asia Fruit & Vegetable Industry Expo

iFresh Asia Fruit & Vegetable Industry Expo is to be held from 12th to 14th November 2019. This expo is an exhibition specializing in the trade of fruit and vegetable, covering the whole industry supply chain and presentation of product technology. It connects high-quality fruit and vegetable providers, planters and enterprises with technology related solution companies, and helps to promote products from different countries to both domestic and international purchasers. Over the past 10 years, iFresh Expo has serviced 3896 companies in exhibiting their products from more than 50 countries, and reached over 100,000 professional industrial audience including clients, service participants, etc. In 2018, iFresh Expo attracted more than 350 providers and successfully grounded an overall transaction value over 39.6 billion RMB.

How to prepare for exhibition in Shanghai

Decide the exhibition to attend

List down the exhibitions that’s related to your industry, analyze the buyers of each exhibitions, including their purchase target, purchasing power, regions, etc. Usually the information of buyers can be requested from the host. Other factors to be taken account into include background research of the venue, influence of the exhibition, potential competitors, and the cost.

Budget for the expense

The cost for attending an exhibition includes the venue rental fee, advertising cost, transferring of goods and products, the design and build of the booth, public relation fees and travelling cost of staff.

Sign up for the exhibition

It is recommended to sign up for an exhibition as early as possible to secure a booth. To sign up for an exhibition, attendee companies shall either register through the official website or directly contact with the host via email.

Prepare for products delivery

To transfer products for exhibition, companies should apply for the ATA carnet, often referred to as the “passport for goods”, which is an international customs document that permits the tax-free temporary export and import of nonperishable goods for up to one year. With this document, goods can be temporarily imported into China for exhibition bypassing custom declaration and free of charges such as import tax and guarantee fees. Companies from countries which are members of the ATA carnet system shall apply for ATA carnet from their domestic ATA carnet authorizations.

Apply for visa

For staff to travel to China, they should provide valid passport and apply for business visa for temporary entrance into China. For further details on visa application, please visit the official site, or contact BIS for help.


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