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Top 10 Most Popular Career Opportunities for Foreigners in Shanghai

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In this article, we will have a look at the top 10 most popular career opportunities in Shanghai for Foreigners. Now many foreigners like to work in China, because Working in China is a totally different kind of experience. Meanwhile, they also have to consider which types of career would be suitable for them.

For the managers they understand that there may be more responsibility and better research opportunities in China, but the working experience in China helps a western executive rise to the top.

Indeed, Just 17 percent expressed a little dissatisfaction with their lives, but still wished to continue working in China. As the financial center of China or even the world, Shanghai offers a great variety of career opportunities to Foreigners.

Teach English

English Teacher

You have to be a native in English or a Bachelor degree in education or education-related field from an English speaking country like the United States or the United Kingdom. The bar of English teaching in Shanghai has been rising recently. Meanwhile, a lot of elite British high schools opened campuses in Shanghai. In addition to the institutions, plenty of Career opportunities in teaching in the media of English. Because of this, English Teacher is the best Career opportunity for the foreigner in China.

IT Jobs

There are multinational corporations like Google, Microsoft, Dell and Intel which have offices in Shanghai. There is also a Chinese version Amazon, Alibaba, and Jingdong, which hire foreigners in the field of IT career opportunities.



Even Tesla’s Giga factory 3 is located in Shanghai. It hires mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and more. Besides engineering in Automobile, there are civil engineering and other types of engineering in different fields. Because there are enormous construction going on in Shanghai.

Hotel Management

It’s beyond doubt that China’s tourism industry is booming, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. The demand for foreign talents will rise. So, why not choose the Hotel Management as the career opportunity in China?



Not only the international ideology of design is in high demand in Shanghai, but the international inspiration of design is in need in Shanghai as well. “Xinchejian” is a classic example of international ideology brought to Shanghai by some foreign designers. It encourages the Chinese to make, design originals. So, Designer is a good career opportunity in China.

chef in Shanghai


As a chef, how about bring your favorite food from your hometown to Shanghai? Shanghai welcomes all international cuisines. You can easily find authentic American food like Shake Shack, Indian, Japanese and so on in Shanghai.



Multinational Corporation

Besides tech multinational corporations mentioned in IT, there are enormous multinational corporations headquartered in Shanghai in a variety of industries like Das Auto and 3M. You will be more familiar with the organizations and cultures of those multinational corporations than Chinese which is considered as a huge advantage during recruitment.


Foreign and Chinese companies are fighting a dog-eat-dog battle for the Chinese market. Hence, the different and agencies are always looking for new faces to work in this fast-paced, highly competitive environment.



Many companies are localizing their content into English and require native-English speakers to do that. Some of the companies include Gaming, IP law, and Energy. You can also work as a freelance translator where you will not be locked in a single location and set your working hours. You must be good in public speaking skills, rich in vocabulary, idioms, and colloquial expressions.


If you don’t want to go to work early in the morning every day, First China International Import Expo (CIIE) last year in Shanghai attracted more than 400,000 buyers and more than 3,600 business from 172 countries according to official figures. Thus, there are lots of opportunities for trading companies to import foreign products and services to China. Furthermore, Shanghai has a great number of manufacturers to export to other countries for a long history. To start up a trading company can be an ideal choice as a freelancer. Or to open a consulting company from any of the above fields can also be the start of your entrepreneurship as a freelancer. Either way, GWBMA can help you with your entrepreneurship from company registration to taxation.

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