Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone

Zone Description

Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone (SICDZ) is one of the 9 municipal development zones in the city. It is located in the treasure land of Fengxian District, Shanghai, which radiates the whole Yangtze River Delta and has great potential for development. With the implementation of such economic layout strategies as “innovation-driven development to consolidate and promote the energy levels of the real economy” by the Shanghai Municipal Government, Fengxian is becoming an important area for Shanghai’s advanced manufacturing industry. As the Fengxian district core area of the industrial, SICDZ will quickly become an important gathering place and output place of the advanced manufacturing industry of Shanghai, and become one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing areas in the southern wing of Shanghai.

Introduction & Composition

SICDZ covers an area of 37.56 square kilometers, including three parks, namely, the Fengpu Park, the Seaport Park, and the Zhuanghang Park, as well as a Fengxian Comprehensive Bonded Zone covering 1.88 square kilometers.

  1. The Fengpu Park
  2. The Seaport Park
  3. The Zhuanghang Park

The Fengpu Park

The Fengpu Park is located in the central and western regions of the Fengxian New City Planning Board. It has good location advantages and transportation networks. It has an area planning area of 21.03 square kilometers, and an industrial area of about 11.26 square kilometers, including 1.88 square kilometers for the Fengxian Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

The Seaport Park

The Seaport Park is located in the southeast of the Fengxian District, adjacent to the Shanghai Lingang New City in the east, near the Pudong International Airport, the Yangshang Deep-Water Port and Shanghai Free Trade area, with a planned area of 16.53 square kilometers and an industrial board area of 3.56 square kilometers.

The Zhuanghang Park

The Zhuanghang Park is divided into two subdivisions: the eastern subdivision reaching Nansha Harbour to the east, the Development Road to the south, the Red Flag Port and the Puwei Highway to the west, and Fengpu Avenue to the north, with an area of 2.26 square kilometers; and the western subdivision reaching the Yaoxin Road to the east, the South Pavilion Road to the south, the Yanglou Road to the west, and the Punan Canal to the north, with an area of 1.06 square kilometers. The industrial development zone of Shanghai is located in the southeast of the Yangtze River Delta and in the center of the most dynamic urban agglomerations of the delta area of Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, and Nantong regions, and has formed into an economic circle where it only takes about 2 hours to travel between any two of the four cities. Besides, it is located in the south of Shanghai, with Huangpu River in the north, Hangzhou Bay in the south, Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and Yangshan Port in the east.

Industrial Development

Economic Scale

As of the end of 2017, there are 425 entity enterprises, with 395 enterprises in Fengpu Park, 30 enterprises in Harbor Park, and 105 enterprises above the designated size. In 2017, the tax revenue was 5.75 billion yuan, and the total industrial output was CNY 38.27 billion. In 2018, it is estimated that the tax revenue will be CNY 8 billion and the total industrial output will reach CNY 40 billion. In 2016, 23 enterprises from the Development Zone were selected as the top Fortune 100 companies in Fengxian District, and three enterprises in the Top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai Industry. In 2017, 26 enterprises from the Development Zone were selected as the Fortune 100 companies in Fengxian District.


After more than 20 years’ of development, it has formed six pillar industries, namely: beauty and health industry represented by Melaleuca, Nu Skin, CHICMAX, Pechoin, COSMAX, Royal CaninRoyal Canin, Kai Bao Pharmaceutical, Hutchison Pharmaceutical, and Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical; new energy & technology industries represented by JA SOLAR, Tongchuangpurun, Wanze Precision, etc.; auto parts industry represented by Mahle, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Autoliv, etc.; electronic information industry represented by Pioneer and Weaver; equipment manufacturing industry represented by Bomag, Markem-image, etc., and logistics industry represented by MiSuMi, Suning, and Ikea.

The park has 9 investment companies from the Fortune 500 in the world, 16 listed companies, 2 China famous trademarks, 11 Shanghai famous trademarks, and 2 companies with academician workstations.

Within the park, there are 62 high-tech enterprises, 20 small science, and technology giant enterprises, 8 R&D institutions at or above the municipal level, and more than 1300 patents. JA Solar has won the title of “Golden Sun Demonstration Project”. Kai Bao Pharmaceutical was listed as a national “Major New Drug Creation” in the major scientific and technological projects.

Incubation Base

Fengchuang Valley is a Science and Technology Innovation Base and key agglomeration of the service industry built by the Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone. It is located at No. 1588 Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway with a land area of around 8.24 acres and land property of C65. Its total construction area is 100,000 square meters including a 13-floor building, and an L-shaped complex with 12-floor and 8-floor sections, total height being 59.85 meters, which is a Grade-I High Building. Besides, technological innovation and R&D institutions such as Yuansong Biological, Zhengu Testing, and Yu Ji Biological have been settled in. The Phoenix Valley has obvious advantages in locational traffic, only 500m from the Fengpu Station in the extension section of the light rail line 5, near the entrance to Shanghai-Jinshan S4 Expressway, The Jinhai road tunnel, BRT and others link the base and the city center. It is only 45 minutes by car to the Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport. Since the start of operation in 2016, it has gathered several quality science and technology growth enterprises. It has been recognized as a city-level science and technology business incubator, a city-level entrepreneurial nursery, a city-level entrepreneurship incubator demonstration base, and a city youth center.

The Block D Business Building, Green Valley, Hongqiao Business District is located to the east of the Shenbin South Road, the south of the Yonghong Road, the west of the Shenchang Road, and the north of the Jianghong Road. The total area of 17784 square meters. From the B2 Floor to the Eighth Floor, the office building has a floor height of 4.5 meters, with 1280 parking lots on the B3 Floor. It is an important platform to explore the cross-regional development of the development zone.

Targeted Positioning

Centering on the development goal of “high-end industry, integrated industries, and the city, prior science and technology, beautiful environment, and harmonious humanity and culture “, we will strive to build up a new type of urban industrial community with the integrated development of industry, city, culture and green environment.

After the merger of the two development zones, it will rely on the original industrial advantages and agglomeration advantages of the two development zones, focusing on the “Oriental Valley” to enable bigger, stronger and stronger beautiful, and healthier industries, striving to form a “1 + 1 + X” modern industrial system.

Development Vision

Construct the “Oriental Beauty Valley” industry core carrying area (Advanced core manufacturing area).

To build the largest beauty and health industry cluster in China and even Asia, we will attract some of the most influential enterprises in the world to enter the park and foster a group of beauty and healthy enterprises to develop rapidly in the park, to form a good concentration of industrial elements and become the key layout area of the manufacturing industry and related producer services in the ” Oriental Beauty Valley”, strive to build the “Industrial Park of the Oriental Beauty Valley “, and endeavor to become the pioneering place leading the beauty and health industry technology and concept innovation the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, a core area of advanced manufacturing will be developed by introducing leading enterprises in artificial intelligence, new energy, and materials, etc.

Construct a functional demonstration area for the integration of the new city and the production city.

Focusing on the urban function construction of Nanqiao New City and the development of three stations of Light Rail Line No. 5, we should establish an operation mechanism for the integration of industry and city featuring unified planning, scientific management, and coordinated connectivity and adhere to “synchronous planning, implementation, and development”, to realize the organic integration and the benign interaction of the industrial function, life function, urban function, and the ecological function. With the opportunity of innovative development of “three bases in one belt” and “three squares in one street”, it will build up a city industrial park supported by industries and integrate the functions of business, office, life, and so on.

Construct the Fengxian pilot development zone for the “four new economies”.

As the innovation base of the “four new economies” in Shanghai, the development zone should further establish and perfect the incubating, cultivating, and accelerating mechanism for the development of the “four new economies”, accelerate the development of the producer service industry, optimize the distribution of the living service industry, and support the innovation in business types. We will speed up the construction of incubating bases for small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises in an all-round way and strive to create national incubators. We will play to the role of financial leverage, promote the benign interaction between the industry and capital, promote the listing of enterprises, and strive to become the pioneering place of the “four new economy” development zone.

Construct the free trade zone, Zhangjiang, and the port industry radiation vehicle area.

Take the initiative to undertake the “spillover” effect of the free trade zone, Zhangjiang, and the port industrial base, and promote the linkage between the development zone and the free trade area, Zhangjiang, and the port industrial base We will give special focus on the areas related to the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the free trade area, Zhangjiang, and the Port Industrial Base, actively strive for the transfer of projects and technologies in the free trade zone, Zhangjiang and the port industrial bases, to form a pattern of coordinated development, speed up the development of producer services, cross-border e-commerce, and bonded logistics, and create an industrial radiation zone for the free trade zone, Zhangjiang, and the port industrial bases.

With Policy Supports – Share The Values Created

Fengxian District provides multiple policy guarantees for the operation and development of enterprises, including the Beauty Valley special project, industrial support, talent incentives, financial support, scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property, technological transformation, brand trademarks, business incubators, platform construction, and the Zhangjiang special project.

Talent Incentives

Top talents in the enterprise having met certain requirements can enjoy a 40% discount off when purchasing a house; Talents in the enterprises having met certain requirements can enjoy rental subsidies, with 2000 CNY for master degree holders and 3,000 CNY for doctoral degree holders.

Scientific and Technological Innovation

The budget for the investment fund of science and technology innovation is CNY 120 million; the cooperation project of regional industry, university, and research, the international industrialization project at the municipal level, the enterprise technology center, the engineering technology research center fund to support the “focused, precise, special and new” enterprises, and the financial support for the “small giant” enterprises.

Industry support

For the newly introduced regional headquarters of the Fortune 500, regulations of Shanghai Municipality are as follows:  An enterprise with a newly introduced domestic headquarters can have the highest subsidy of CNY 3 million; A Fortune 500 or China 500 enterprise with operation in Shanghai and an opening rate of no less than 70% of shops in the past year can have a maximum subsidy of CNY 3 million. An enterprise that utilizes industrial buildings and other existing stock premises to develop producer services can have the highest reward of CNY 3 million.

Financial Support

The related industries of the Oriental Beauty Valley, the new energy industry, the “four new economies” and strategic emerging industries can enjoy CNY 2 billion of government-led funds. Enterprises that have completed the share-holding system transformation and put their pre-IPO tutorship record in the China Securities Regulatory Commission in Shanghai will be subsidized with CNY 500 Thousand. Enterprises that go through the public issuance of shares, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring to become listed can enjoy a maximum subsidy of CNY 2 million; A financial institution established in our district with its headquarters outside our district can enjoy the highest subsidy of CNY 1 million.

Development Zone Industrial Innovation and Development Fund

For enterprises with outstanding performance in technological innovation, structural adjustment, circular economy, brand building, financing listing, promotion of management, talent introduction, revitalizing resources, key industries, and industrial economy, give support of CNY 1-100 million.

Good For Living And Business It’s A City Of The Future


There is the Joint Research Center for Precision Medicine in the South Hospital of the Sixth Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiaotong University; the medical consortium of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and the Shanghai Red Cross Ninth People’s Hospital; The Fengxian Hospital area of the International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital of China and the project of the Medical Examination Center (south) of the Ruijin Hospital will also be completed one after another.

Educational Facilities

It owns public and supporting institutions such as the Fengxian Campus of Gezhi High School, the Shanghai Experimental School, the Qingxi Middle School, the Hengxian Primary School, the Fengxian Mingde Foreign Language Primary School, the Shuyuan Kindergarten, the Yumei Kindergarten, the Jinhai Yuanyuan Kindergarten, and other publicly facilitated schools. A large number of high-quality educational resources are introduced to greatly improve the quality of education.

Cultural and Sports Education

It has complete surrounding cultural and Sports facilities, with the Fengxian District Library built. It started to build the Fengxian District Museum in 2016. The Chuanyuefang, designed by the world’s top designer Kengo Kuma, the Nine Tree (Shanghai) Future Art Center, the Cultural Center, the Youth Activity Center, the Workers’ Club, and so on will also be built one after another.

Commercial Services

Shanghai’s Fish Hotel, Bailian Nanqiao Shopping Center, Baolong City Plaza, Suning Life Plaza, and other urban complexes have been built and operated. The city functions are increasingly perfected, and the commercial services are continuously improved.

The Oriental Beauty Valley Avenue

The future Beauty Valley Avenue, reaching the Puwei Road in the west and the East Puxing Highway in the east, is about 13 km. It will have four theme areas: the combination of medical health, life community of the Orient Beauty Valley Avenue portal area combining medical health and life community; the Central Park Cultural Area integrating the civil square, art, and the beauty industry; the TOD comprehensive development demonstration area as a commercial hub of mixed uses, and the industrial district as the core of research and development in Fengxian New City, to truly realizes the integration of industry and urban development and form a vigorous avenue with the integration of life, production, ecology.

Lohas Youth Apartment

Lohas Youth Community is a supporting project of the Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone. It is located at No.255 Nong, Xiaotang Road, Fengxian District (near Xiaonan Road, adjacent to the Xiaotang Station on Metro Line 5, near the Xidu Economic Park to the north, and Minhang Export Processing Zone to the west, and the entrance to the S4 Expressway Road in the east. The project provides hotel-style accommodation services, with many multifunctional and finely decorated house types of 40 to 60 square meters. They adopt the Ikea design style, with complete home decorations. They have independent sanitary and bathing facilities, open kitchens, brand household appliances, and coin laundry, highlighting an environment of a comfortable and exquisite life. A small area contains a great pattern.

The Fengpu Four Seasons Ecological Park

The Fengpu Four Seasons Ecological Park is located in the development zone and covers an area of 180,000 square meters. The green coverage rate in the park is over 70%.

Community support

There are many mature middle and high-end communities around, such as Peninsula Junwang, Qiuyue Langting, Tongnan Meilu, Jinhui Swan Bay, etc. with convenient living and complete facilities.