Putuo Economic Development Zones

Zone Description

Putuo District has an area of ​​55.53 square kilometers in Shanghai. From 2014 to 2018, Putuo’s GDP has been growing up steadily, with the industrial structure optimized all the time. As of the year 2018, the modern service industry accounted for 89% of Putuo’s GDP. The GDP in 2018 was 100.2 billion yuan, and modern services accounted for 89% of GDP. The key industries include smart software, R&D services, and financial technology (FinTech).

GDP trend of Putuo District
Putuo’s GDP chart from 2014 to 2018

shanghai putuo map

Four Development Centers in Putuo District

The central, northern, and southern parts of Putuo have different functions. The center is the Wuning innovation and development axis, the north is the urban transformation corridor, and the south is the riverside open-up area. The supporting facilities include industrial parks, office buildings, commercial facilities, business incubators, functional platforms, etc. The four development zones in Putuo are Taopu Smart City, Zhenru Sub-center, Shanghai Fintech Industrial Park, and Changshou Commercial Area.

Taopu Smart City

Positioned as a “Special Artificial Intelligence Technology Cluster” and “Global Innovation City”, Taopu Smart City has been leading the construction of a demonstration zone for the transformation and upgrading of Shanghai’s old industrial area and playing a key role in the development of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.

Taopu Smart City
Taopu Smart City

Zhenru Sub-center

Featuring a sub-center of Shanghai, it aims to achieve a coordinated development with Taopu zone, build a new landmark for urban culture and commerce, as well as a public activity center to serve the Yangtze River Delta.

zhenru Sub-center
Zhenru Sub-center night view

Shanghai Fintech Industrial Park

It aims to build four major industrial parks featuring FinTech, “Internet + “, intelligent technology, and educational science. Meanwhile, it also strives to build a central activity zone with high-end industries, integrated functions, premium quality, and a vigorous environment.

Shanghai FinTech Industrial Park
Shanghai Fintech Industrial Park

Changshou Commercial Area

By leveraging the opportunity of urban transformation, it strives to develop culture and entertainment industries featuring electronic sports, and build a high-level activity block centered on culture and fashion.

Changshou Commercial Area
Changshou Commercial Area

Foreign investment and leading companies in Putuo

From 2014 to 2018, Putuo has witnessed a steady growth in foreign investment. In 2018, the Putuo government ranks the first in transparency among the county-level governments nationwide. All these proving the district’s business-friendly investment environment.

foreign investment in Putuo
Putuo Foreign Investment Chart from 2014 to 2018


Below are 7 leading companies in the four development centers of Putuo, including many foreign investment companies.

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Government Support in Putuo Zones

In 2018, Putuo Government ranks the first in transparency among the country level governments nationwide. There are 4 government services for the corporation in Putuo.

Targeted service

  1. Identify and solve enterprises’ problems on a consolidated basis
  2. Provide on-site services to enterprises by government officials
  3. Offer fast pass and VIP services toImportant projects

Efficient service

  1. Provide integrated internet services and “OneStop” service
  2. Fully implement approval matters on a “One Time” basis. Ensure enterprises only need to do on-site application once for all approval matters
  3. Promote a series of We Chat platforms to receive enterprises’ requests and provide government services

Innovative service

  1. Initiate a highly efficient procedure for setting up a new enterprise and 60% of enterprises could get the licenses on the spot
  2. Take the leading action in opening an on-line flagship store to provide full life cycle services to enterprises

The supporting facilities in Putuo

Industrial Parks

In Putuo, there are Sixteen industrial parks, including Tiandi Software Park, Future Island High-tech Industrial Park, and Middle -ring globalized Headquarters Community of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, cover the fields of science and technology, literary creation, industry, and logistics to meet the needs of different enterprises. In addition, the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park under construction will become an international innovation cooperation demonstration zone. Two important platforms in the field of artificial intelligence — the cooperation center and the accelerated incubation center of artificial intelligence led by the German Artificial Intelligence Research Center (DFKI) have been established in Putuo.

Business Facilities

Business facilities, such as top-grade office buildings, exhibition centers, hotels, commercial centers, etc. add vitality to business and innovation activities.

Business Incubators

There are lots of business incubators in Putuo dist,. including Maiteng Entrepreneurship World, Valley Creation, StarWorkshop, Star Wing Space, and other business incubators in Putuo will help entrepreneurs grow rapidly.

Functional Platforms

Strengthened functional platform’s capability help enterprises invest and innovate.

The Government Policies for the corporations in Putuo

The Putuo Government published 5 industrial policies, 3 preferential policies, and some special policies for the different industries in Putuo.

Industrial policies in Putuo

  1. Implementation measures on accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing and robot industry;
  2. Implementation measures on accelerating the development of financial services;
  3. Implementation measures on accelerating the development of the online game industry;
  4. Implementation measures on accelerating the development of the cultural industry;
  5. Implementation measures on accelerating the development of professional services.

The Preferential policies in Putuo

  1. Implementation measures on providing services to support the development of enterprises;
  2. Implementation measures on supporting scientific and technological innovation;
  3. Implementation measures on promoting the development of innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

X Special policies

  1. Implementation measures on supporting energy saving, emission reduction, and carbon emission reduction
  2. Pilot implementation measures on accelerating the development of the audio industry.


The Putuo development zone will continuously create new momentum for development, spur economic vigor, further improve government services, and optimize the business environment. The Administration officials of Putuo said:  “We would like to jointly work with you for a new inspiring prospect for Putuo!”