Neobay Cluster – Minhang Development Zone

Zone Description

Grand Neobay Introduction:

The South Riverside (Huangpu River) of Shanghai Minhang District is a national industrial and urban integration demonstration zone, a national scientific and technological achievements transfer and commercialization zone, a national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base. Combing with Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, and other innovative institutions, this area is elaborately created as the “Grand Neobay Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cluster”.

It persists in internationalization, high quality, and fully stimulation and optimization of Sci-Tech innovations, aiming to build the Grand Neobay into a new height of innovative policies, with significant advantages, unique characters, and completive edges at the international level.

The “Grand Neobay Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cluster” will focus on medical innovation and medical robotics, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and other advanced industries, in order to become a multi-functional and technologically advanced innovation industrial ecosystem in Shanghai.

The planning scope area of the Grand Neobay Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cluster covers South Hongmei Road, Huangpu River, Humin Road, and Shenjiahu Expressway (S32) from southeast to northwest.

Map Neobay Minhang

T+X Zone

T + X Zone Specifically, it is a T-shaped area with Cangyuan Road and Jianchuan Road as its principal axis, including the north part of Jianchuan Road, the Cangyuan Science& technology zone, and the west part of Hengiingriverwith a total area of about 1.3 square kilometers. Moreover. the other X area called NewChanging Cluster ( 1 . 9 square kilometers ) covers SouthLianhua Road, Jianchuan Road, S4 Expressway andSheniahu Expressway ( 532 ) from southeast to northwest


  1. Airports: It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive to Hongqiao International Transportation Hub and 45 minutes to Pudong International Airport.
  2. Highway: There are many expressway networks around the Grand Neobay: S32, Hongmei Viaduct road, S4, Hongmei South Road Tunnel, Minpu Bridge, Fengpu Bridge.
  3. Subway: Line 23 (The first phase is planned from The Shanghai Stadium to the Minhang Development Zone, which will connect the university, development zone, residential area, Minhang factory campus, and regional center).
  4. Line 5 & 15: Line 5 connects Xinzhuang – Minhang Development Zone, and extends to Fengxian Xincheng. Line 15 (to be operated soon), Gucun Park – Zizhu High-tech Development Zone, which connects technology and education industry functional area.

T zone (Innovation and Entrepreneurship District)

Space resources:

It is planned to develop 1.5 million square meters of the space of the premises, of which more than 200,000 square meters of scientific innovation premises have been developed and in use, near 500,000 square meters are under construction or waiting to be built, and more than 150,000 square meters’ land is under acquisition and preliminary planning is currently undergoing.

Space Resources

Business premises:

Premises Built: Small Neobay Sci-Tech Innovation Park, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical Robotic Industrial Park, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park, Feimalv High-Tech Venture Park, Innovation 600 (Shanghai Jiaotong University Science and Technology Park).

business spaces business spaces

Premises under construction or to be built: Danshui Riverside by Longhu, Huayi Dazheng Wisdom World, Hongrun & Jiatong Science Innovation Center.

X zone (Intelligent Medical Innovation demo base)

Planning to use 610,000 square meters of space, with biomedical, artificial intelligence, and intelligent medical as the leading industries, developing innovation center, service center and industrial center focusing on intelligent medical mega data, and deepen the vertical connection between industry, education, and research in the field of medicine, creating reproducible world-class Intelligent Medical Innovation demo base.



The industry will be concentered around the “4+2” industrial setup in south Minhang, focusing on emerging industries such as medical robotics, artificial intelligence, medical innovation and biomedicine, new materials.

  1. Medical innovation and biomedicine industry:
    Collecting precision medicine, smart medicine, innovative treatment, high-end detection, medical imaging, new drug development, and other biomedical innovation enterprises under the industry cluster.
  2. Medical robotics Industry:
    Target the world’s most advanced medical innovation and medical robotics enterprises and accelerate their landing in the Grand Neobay area.
  3. Artificial intelligence industry:
    Rely on the region’s innovation platform, collecting a group of original AI enterprises, fast track in Generic Technology development, public test center, commercializing research findings and talent development, eventually become the Shanghai AI industrial cluster.
  4. New materials industry:
    Rely on the academic research advantages of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, it will accelerate the research and development of new materials, especially new ceramic aluminum materials.

Policy supporting enterprise development

  1. Preferential tax policies, high growth business support, IPO incentives
  2. Supporting key industries, key business bonus, rent subsidies
  3. Special funding support (Same as Zhangjiang policy)
  4. Chunshen Talent Scheme (Shanghai household registration, Subsidies for renting and buying houses, education for employees’ children, and medical insurance)
  5. Investment Promotion Scheme (Incentives for drawing high-quality investment and business)

Policy supporting enterprise development


Complete supporting facilities

It is surrounded by excellent schools, institutions of higher learning, public health, leisure and sports, commercial shopping, apartment housing, high-end business hotels, parks, and other recreational resources in south Minhang District.

Comprehensive service infrastructure

  1. Already in place: Minhang District Administrative Service Center, Minhang District Science Innovation Service Center, Minhang District Talent Service Center. The Shanghai Southern Science Innovation Center service platform (940 Jianchuan Road) will be completed by the end of 2020.
  2. Form various regional alliances: medical innovation alliance, entrepreneur alliance, fund alliance, Sci-Tech service alliance, establish Innovation and Entrepreneurship college, public innovation service platform, etc.

Professional service team

  1. Consolidate resources to provide a full range of services to help enterprises throughout the development life cycle.
  2. Provide Online and offline diversified services.