List of Shanghai National Development Zones

List of Shanghai National Development Zones

The National Development Zones refer to the Economic and Technological development zones, Customs supervision Zones or Bonded zones, High-Tech industrial development zones, Tourism Zones and others, which are approved by the State Council.

In 2018, the government has published the 《China Development Zone Announcement List 2018》. According to the List, there are 2543 Development Zones in China, including 552 National Development Zones and 1991 Provincial Development Zones.

A total of 20 National Development Zones in Shanghai are also included in the list, among which  6 are National Economical and Technological Zones, 2 are National High-Tech industrial Development Zones, 10 are National Customs supervision Zones and also 2 other Zones

As well as giving an overview, this article is trying to provide details of 20 Shanghai National Development Zones, including a Shanghai National Development Zones Map, their difference and advantages.

Types of China Development Zones.

The national Economical and Technological Development Zone is the earliest development zone, The set function is to attract foreign investment, introduce advanced manufacturing industry, expand export and earn foreign exchange, and replace the import of advanced materials and parts. National Economic development zones give priority to coastal port cities and inland transport hub cities, which are generally transport hubs.

In 1984, China established the first batch of National Economic and Technological development zones in 14 coastal open cities, along the country’s southern coast as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and Xiamen, etc, acted as doorways for government to attract foreign direct investment.

China National High Tech Industrial Development Zones, refer to National science and technology industrial parks approved by the China State Council. They usually selects the places where colleges and universities, scientific research institutions gather and scientific research strength is strong.

The National Customs supervision Zones are Customs supervising area, which are established at the national opening of the ports areas connected to a specific region, with the functions of porting, physical distribution, processing and so on.

The other National Zones focus on Finance ,Tourism, Cross-border Trading etc.

Map of Shanghai National Development Zones

This map gives the location of each of the 20 China National Development Zones in Shanghai.

List of Shanghai National Economy and Technology Zone

No.Zone NameArea (hectares)Focus Industries
1Caohejing New Tech Zone


1330Electronic Information; New Materials; Biomedicine
2Honqiao Eco Tech Zone


65.2Trade; Exhibition; International Arbitration
3Minhang Eco Tech Zone


1638Equipment manufacturing; Electro-mechanic, Medicine
4Jinqiao Eco Hi-Tech Zone


2738New Energy Vehicles; Robots
5Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone


2940Petro Chemical; New materials
6Songjiang Eco-Tech Zone


5777Equipment manufacturing; Integrated Circuit; New Materials

List of Shanghai National High-Tech Industrial Development Zones

No.Zone NameArea (hectares)Focus Industries
1Zhangjiang High-Tech Industry Zone


4211.7Electronic Information; Biomedicine; Opto-Mechatronics
2Zizhu High-Tech Industry Zone


868.18Integrated Circuit; Software;   New Energy; Aviation

List of Shanghai National Customs Supervision Zones

No.Zone NameArea (hectares)Focus Industries
1Caohejing Export Processing Zone


300Electronic Information; Logistics, Maintenance & Detection
2Jiading Export Processing Zone


300Manufacturing; Logistics; Automobile & Parts
3Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone


1103 Export Processing; Logistics Storage; Bonded Commodity display and trading
4Jinqiao Export Processing Zone


280New energy vehicle; Industrial Internet; Robot
5Waigaoqiao Free Trade Logistic Zone


103Logistic; Trade
6Yangshan Trade Zone


1416Logistics; Trade; Equipment Manufacturing
7Pudong Airport Bonded Zone


359Logistics; Trade
8Songjiang Export Processing Zone B


596Electronic Information, Warehousing &logistics, Trade
9Qingpu Export Processing Zone


300Electronic Information; New Materials; Equipment Manufacturing
10Minhang Export Processing Zone


300Logistics; Electronic Information; Equipment Manufacturing

List of Other Shanghai National Zones

No.Zone NameArea (hectares)Focus Industries
1Lujiazui Finance Trading Zone


3178Finance; Shipping; Commercial Affairs; Cultural Tourism
2Sheshan National Tourist Resort


6408Tourism & leisure, Business Services, Cultural Creativity

Why invest in a development zone?

The convenience of established infrastructure, reserved land and one-stop services available in National development Zones simplifies the process of entry into China.

There are lots of advantages for registering a company in the National Development Zone. Below take High-Tech SMEs as an example.

High-Tech established enterprises can reduce or avoid the renting fee.

If the enterprise meets the certification requirements, registering in the National Development Zones will get a legal registered address.

Tax cuts and other concession.

Registering in the Zones will enjoy government tax refund policy. Generally, the tax refund policy of each zone makes no difference. The business tax returns 35%, of local income and the value-added tax returns up to 7%.

Preferential policies

Registered enterprises have priority to obtain office or industrial land. Also other government includes Government fees discount and financial funds could be subsidized as support.


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