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How to check Medical Supplier in China

At present, the spread of the COVID-19 virus has exploded. and the foreign countries’ demand for masks and other medical suppliers increased from China. While the world is gripped by the fight against COVID-19, some medical suppliers have turned this into an opportunity to earn money in the no-conformal mask. There have been a disturbing number of reports citing seizures of fake medical supplies, such as face masks, Medical Equipments, and hand Sanitizers, specifically.

How to check the medical supplier in China, and how to verify the Medical supplier company has the official authorization in China, this article will explain all the details about the medical trading company in China.

China Official Announcement of Medical Supplier in China

In order to effectively support the global fight against the epidemic COVID-19, to ensure product quality and safety, and to standardize the sequence of exports during this special period of epidemic prevention and control. China Ministry of Commerce and China Customs released an announcement on March 31, 2020, which the Chinese enterprises exporting reagents for detection of the novel coronavirus, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilators, and infrared thermometers. They must provide written or electronic declarations (see Attachment 1 for the template) promising that the exported products have obtained China’s medical device product registration certificates (see Attachment 2 for relevant registration information) and meet the quality standard requirements of importing countries (regions).

Customs shall rely on medical device product registration certificates approved by the drug supervision and administration departments in processing. The aforementioned quality control measures for the export of medical materials will be dynamically adjusted in light of the developing epidemic situation.

Relevant enterprises exporting medical materials should ensure the quality and safety of their products and that they meet the requirements of relevant standards, to actively support the international community in fighting the epidemic together.

How to verify the Chinese trading company of medical suppliers?

The Chinese trading company needs the import and export License. If the trading company is exporting non-medical materials such as ordinary masks, you can import directly without regulatory conditions. But if the trading company is the Medical Supplier, you need to verify the Medical License of this Chinese company is true or fack.

If the trading company is exporting medical apparatus such as surgical masks, you need to ask the trading company to provide these materials: Product registration certificate, Registration form and accessories, Manufacturer’s business license, Second class medical device record, Medical device production license, Production registration form, Authorization letter, note that the authorization letter indicates that the manufacturer provides after-sales service.

Second class medical device record

second clase medical equipment record China

Medical device production license

medical device production license China

If you want to register an export-import company in China, you can read this article.  6 steps to set up a trading company in China. 

If you want to search for the China Trademark of the manufacturer’s products, you can visit the Website to get the latest information.

China Medical Suppliers Device Classes:

In China, all the medical device enterprises are divided into three classes by the China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). This is the website of the Food and Drugs Regulatory information platform:

Class I:
Low-risk medical devices whose safety and effectiveness are ensured through routine administration.

Class II:
Mid-risk medical devices require further control in order to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Class III
High-risk medical devices that are implanted into the human body, used to support or sustain life, or pose a potential risk to the human body and thus must be strictly controlled in respect to safety and effectiveness.

China medical device classification categories:

01 surgical instruments with electronics (active)

02 surgical instruments without electronics (passive)

03 nerve and vascular surgical instruments

04 orthopedic surgery-related devices

05 radiation therapy equipment

06 medical imaging equipment

07 medical examination and monitoring equipment

08 respiratory, anesthesia, and first-aid equipment.

09 physical therapy equipment

10 blood transfusion, dialysis, and cardiopulmonary bypass equipment

11 medical equipment disinfection and sterilization equipment

12 active implant devices

13 passive implant devices

14 infusion, care, and protective equipment

15 patient-carrying devices

16 ophthalmic devices

17 dental instruments

18 obstetrics and Gynecology, reproductive and contraceptive devices

19 medical rehabilitation devices

20 Chinese medicine instruments

21 medical software

22 clinical testing devices

How to identify the qualification of the medical apparatus in China?

You should go to the official website of “National Medical Products Administration”  and then click on the column of “medical devices” – “domestic devices”. According to the instructions on the page, enter the medical device registration certificate number or enterprise name of this mask, you can know the production information related to the product, the approval number information, you can know whether qualified.

What certification is required for masks exported to European and American countries?

Masks exported to the European Union need to obtain CE certification, and masks exported to the United States need to pass FDA certification. However, recently, the United States suddenly canceled the recognition of Chinese KN95 mask standards. For details, please refer to the link to the FDA website at the bottom of this article.

China Ministry of Commerce Announcement website

FDA website notice 


1. Template Declaration for Export of Medical Supplies.doc

2. China Relevant medical device product registration information.xlsx


If you need to verify the True or False through a third party, we provide the legal verification report in the English version. Besides the Business License, our Licensed Attorney can also verify the certificate and license including Chinese ID Card, Trademark, Copyright, Patent Certificate, ICP License, Import & Export License, Medical License, Food/Wine License, ISO Certificates, Website ICP License, etc.



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